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  1. This team is so inspiring! Why would you ask that???? Kinda weird tbh.
  2. http://www.milb.com/player/index.jsp?sid=milb&player_id=666464#/career/R/hitting/2019/ALL
  3. Yes, he's a STUD! I think he will be playing soon in Jupiter (NO JOKES ALLOWED, THANKS)
  4. But Michael.... I thought you were a Marlin...
  5. So you are not part of the fish fam then???
  6. For real bro.... I'm hoping Mesa changes the culture! Can't wait for him to be our Cuban Star after everything that happened to JDF.
  7. Victor Victor Mesa is 2-3 .275avg
  8. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things...
  9. LOL yeah I remember! She was a Braves fan, also Lizzie, Dori Marlins I think, we had a couple of them.
  10. Shhhhhhh, that's my specialty!
  11. Greatest Stalker ever!!!! Awesome post bro, good work!
  12. Send down Lew for Monte!
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