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  1. Yea, he's clearly NOT ready!!!! HE SUCKS!!!!
  2. Dont worry, I won't watch the game. Maybe he throws a No-No!!! LOL
  3. Lol the nerve!!!! Oh no big deal... we were so happy with the 1 run scored over the last 4 or sumin!!!
  4. Ohhhh in that case don't worry, you will have your wish!!!!!! LOL
  5. Dang.... So I can't be at my grandma's house?
  6. I don't want to make a promise I can't keep...
  7. Guys.... Is that a typo???? We up 10-0?????! So... the game I didn't watch much and this happens???! Lol
  8. Guys.... I know I sound like a broken record lol but I've been saying it since AFL.... YAMAMOTO IS LEGIT!!!! 4IP 1H 0R 1BB 3SO 2.00ERA THEY GOTTA CALL THIS DUDE TO THE MAJORS THIS YEAR!!!
  9. Monte 2-4 (2B), Harold 1-3
  10. They have gone Jeter on us... sadly.
  11. *Throws Flag* $150,000 infraction to the dress code.
  12. Bet bet, I just want them to enjoy their experience tho.
  13. Well sad on the Neidert news but Great on the Holloway's 1 hitter!!!
  14. What are they saying tho?! Are they feeling happy right now?
  15. LOL!!! Guys, gameday is the worst, huge mistake, it says 6-0 Marlins!!! MLB is such a joke, they better fire whoever is in charge.
  16. Don't worry, he's NOT the best player in the deal but I get what you are saying. At the time he was the best player in the deal but I think Yamamoto, Isan and Monte will surpass him.
  17. Such a rookie move... you should know better!
  18. DON'T CALL IT A COMEBACK!!!! Lol night y'all!
  19. Yes! I hope he has 5-7 more good games so they call him up.
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