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  1. I think they wanted a SS 2, so they were trying 2 move drew. Hanley is my fav so I wouldnt want him gone but he has to change his high kick & that freaking long swing to start producing. He is almost late on every fb in the upper 90's etc. IMHO I think that we could get Upton 4 Good prospect n a Pitcher.
  2. I dont think that'll happen. (crawford 4 hanley) I know this may sound stupid but why not go after another Red Sox player?????? Cody Cody Cody A player who supposedly was never going to make it yet leaves here and has done more than pretty good. Could it be the coaches/managers??? Its aight noone opinions r stupid bro! :-) But me personaly I wouldn't want him, I prefer J Upton better, the guy is a Great defender with a + arm, hit 31hrs lst yr, he is fast n could b our CF but thats just me i guess.
  3. ok I c haha yall dont like upton... IMHO when the guy's producin he is a beast, n better than anyone on our team, NOT named Giancarlo or Hanley (when he is on tho). But its aight, just wanted 2 know ur opinions. Last yr the guy hit 31 hrs n is 24 yr ONLY!
  4. Hanley has 1 main problem, hitting with RISP. That can't be taught. Look at the decline of his stats, they follow the same line as hitting with RISP. His batting title year he was top 2 or 3 I believe with yunel Escobar in Avg w/RISP. Then his decline started when he hit below average w/RISP the following year and has only gotten worse since. He's not the same clutch hitter he was and has probably lost a ton of confidence since he got that large .342 (I think) chain. Rite on! + His high leg kick and long swing are just making it worse.
  5. I dont think that'll happen. (crawford 4 hanley)
  6. Hi, Guys btw im not new here, I used to post in 2008. So I was thinking how about we trade: OF's Yelich&Ozuna+Nolasco or a Pitching Prospect NOT named Jose Fernandez for J. Upton? Let me know what ya think! Thanks & God Bless! :)
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