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  1. There's no reason to schedule a midweek game at 1pm. Sorry none. Why is someone going to take off from their jobs or from class to watch a game against the Braves? Like seriously I'm not missing class for that one game when we have 80 home games. And it's not like it's opening day. It's a random mid week game against a team thats struggling. We were put in a position to fail.
  2. Bring up McPherson so that we can actually have a relatively decent option at 3b. Cantu doesnt have a good enough bat to cancel out his defense.
  3. Trust me dont get too excited about these numbers...the extended spring teams really arent very good. Especially compared to MLB level pitchers. It's usually guys with decent fastballs and their offspeed pitches being in a developmental stage.
  4. Have you ever grabbed a wood bat with pine tar before? There is no way that your hands can become that dark unintentionally just from holding a bat. Sorry. And theres no reason that it would only be located on the 3 fingers that touches the ball. And also in what part of holding a bat does your index finger and middle finger contact the thumb? :lol Your thumb is placed on TOP of your middle and index finger. Not on the bat itself.
  5. There's no doubt that whatever is on his fingers was done on purpose. The "dirt" is only on his index/middle and thumb. But it doesnt necessarily mean he's cheating though. And well batters get so much stuff to help themselves against pitchers that I really dont even care if he was.
  6. Once MLB realizes that he can't catch up to a fastball he's screwed. We definitely need to keep him on the roster because Amezaga is starting in CF but don't expect anything near this output for much longer.
  7. How can you be such a fan of a team that doesn't care about its fans. I just don't understand.
  8. Rays need pitching... Kazmir-Shields-Garza is a nice 1-2-3.
  9. A few of my teammates played there. I'll find out what they say about him. And get back to you. :thumbup
  10. Everyone does know that he was 7th in the NL amonst 2b right? We arent talking about all players in MLB just 2b. So hes 7th of 16. Whatever I have no problem dealing an average defender who hits .240.
  11. Wang-Joba-Kennedy-Hughes are 4 great young arms in the rotation and you know the hitting is going to be there. No reason to think that the Yanks will not be in contention next season.
  12. Swift, why even respond anymore? Statistics dictate your point to be the correct thought. No use even wasting any additional time trying to prove a point that people blinded by hatred will always refuse to acknowledge. If Barry Bonds' name was 'Ken Griffey Jr.' people would be all for this move. i dont hate barry bonds...not at all...i respect his accomplishments within the game as a historian and a baseball fan...but i dont want him anywhere near a marlins uniform...sorry...the negatives with him vastly outweigh the positives for the marlins as an organization...did andre dawson give the marlins credibility? or did winning two world series championships win us a title? those teams were built on speed, defense, pitching, and great situational baseball...OPS doesnt recognize the difference between striking out in the clutch and hitting a homerun 9 runs down...but world series rings sure know the difference... To say that speed-defense-pitching is the only way to win is rediculous. yes I agree that pitching does win championships but you tell me whos out there in the pitchers market that we can sign for a one year deal? This is freaking Barry Bonds we are talking about. I dont understand the hate for arguably the greatest hitter of all time and definitely the most feared hitter of all time. Not only will it improve our team on the field but it will improve our publicity and also increase our attendance. I dont see this getting done but I just dont understand how you could be against a move like this if it were to get done.
  13. I know it was TH that blew it for San Diego, and that was a shocker. he's never saved a big game in his life As I've said to my cu?ado, Hoffman recorded all those saves pitching in 9th innings out west when half the country is asleep and no one is watching or cares. Put him out in front in a big game, and it's not going to happen. He's just another reason the NL hasn't won an All Star game in so long. He has nice numbers, and is a good pitcher, but he doesn't live up to the myth of top-shelf closer who thrives on pressure situations IMO. He had two chances to take the Pads to the playoffs and blew both opportunities. And dont you guys remember the 2005(I believe) ASG? Maybe I dont like him because He's a fastball/change guy. But I dont think he is anywhere near top echolon closers in the league today.
  14. I just started watching the game....why is Barone being taken out? Seems like he was doing a good job...
  15. If the Marlins sign Bonds is very likely I stop being a Marlins fan. Dont need scum like that on the Fish. I know lets not bring in the all time leader in HR. Who would serioiusly want someone like that? Is he a great guy? Probably not but damn guys hes arguably the greatest hitter EVER. And has to impact tickets. Hell I would definitely come to more games to see Bonds. Oh and if somesone says that "oh I dont want him because hes a steriod user blah blah blah" I think I'll puke.
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