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  1. 2012 was pretty bad... New ballpark...a team with a real chance (granted on paper) and 3 months into the season half the good players where traded. But we did bounce back so......
  2. I hate fire sales...hated them from the 1997 when good ole Wayne showed us how its done. With that said, this one didn't go well either, so I vote to trade 27 yr old Realmuto ... and hopefully get at least 2 Decent youngsters
  3. 7 right ... mostly guessing knew maybe 3
  4. in that case he should not be so good and cost very little
  5. Even if he's actually a Good Player...I'm sure that out of the 12 teams reaching out to him, he is saying "OMG that's the Team I want to go to...the one Currently being Gutted!"
  6. none of them will be missed imo.... Mike Hill...why still aboard? Hopefully Jeter's just gonna pick his brain to see what info he can provide ... and dump him before the start of the season. I'm waiting to see what he does with the team...
  7. SUPER STICKER and Art Work! Great Tribute!!! Anyone make a tape of all his games in 2016? I'm trying to figure that out...Be good to watch his last season games 10 years from now.
  8. I woke up...first thing in my mind...OH NO JOSE!
  10. I'm still soooooooooo Sick from waking up and seeing the news! Could SOMEONE PLS tell me this is just a NightMare!!!
  11. tell you what...From what I saw today, I'd much rather have this guy out there than Nicolino or Urena or Cosart. I also have to take into account SD doesn't have our quality Defense behind him nor the bats.
  12. Nice Win! I am liking Nick Wittgren...he can throw strikes! BTW anyone catch me on channel 7 News Friday night? Meeting that fake Ichiro? [ATTACH]1058._xfImport[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]1059._xfImport[/ATTACH]
  13. Kelly can't buy a hit. ..minors are calling Sent from my SM-N900T using MarlinsBaseball.com mobile app
  14. If he can't figure it out in the Minors...chances are slim to none he over achieves
  15. I remember a time not so long ago... When a clown who only managed HS ball club ... became a MLB Manager for a Professional MLB Ball Club Yeah I'm good with Mattingly
  16. was derek lee our last good 1st baseman?
  17. I want Dee back...Juice or no Juice (hopefully Prune Juice this time around) Maybe with Prune Juice he will run even faster
  18. I don't buy it...the players coming out of his country are Known to Lie about their age. He's probably 43 - 45 yrs old and wears the hat like a Goof-ball to look younger. hmmmm
  19. batato


    blah...everyone has an off day :rain not worried
  20. this goes without saying...but the lame duck managers mentioned....were just happy to be a manager. Donny is legit...Loria has to respect him. now if only we could get a "legit" color commentator.
  21. I still don't understand why we dont let Phelps pitch more than one inning...we all know he can
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