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  1. I'm glad you got that off your chest. I'm glad I've made such a profound effect on your life. Ego = boosted. Because you really needed that, no you really have not had a profound impact on my life in the sense of you yourself, just the class of people I would identify you as. The quirky 20 something hipster who is totally into all the trendy music that week that pitchfork suggests to him and absolutely loves the new movie de jour playing at the local indie house, and absolutely hates rude people and those without respect for others. Just don't tell them you don't like the new Euro import electronica album or the latest films from Tribecca because then you're just a loser with poor taste. So no, you've not had a pround impact on my life, but my hatred of urban hipsters has and you sir are that but OOOH I made a sterotype what an a**hole I am. Yes I am an a**hole, and so the f*** are you. I'm off from work, I'll see your totally witty post, with a few zingers thrown in in about an hour or two if I'm not banned by then. Sorry to all those who are really hurt that I hijacked this totally important thread on a climate summit no one gives too shits about, I know their were so many of you who wanted to discuss this.
  2. I didn't say anything about hypocrisy. The amount of stuff that gets made up to form posts on here actually is laughable though. Then what are you implying? You're obviously not passing this along as a fact of the day. You have an agenda by posting a news article just as everyone does on this board and I doubt it was to support this summit. An agenda? You seem to take this message board pretty seriously. I found it interesting (gasp!) that people going to a climate summit would cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in a year. Surprising if anything. You're basically grasping at straws to meet your, "I'm Rune internet message board hard ass and active volcano of bitching! Bow down to me or meet your doom!" quota for the week. Using your logic, there is zero point to this forum because everyone is just pushing an agenda and a hypocrite. I look forward to you calling out everyone who posts in this forum for now on for their hypocrisy and agenda pushing. Actually, I am a hypocrite and an agenda pusher, we all are. It's called being a normal human being, I am an a**hole and I don't deny this. It's you who carry yourself with the aura of self importance and infallibility. You revise your likes and dislikes every six months too what's new and fresh because god forbid you don't keep up your too hip for you attitude. We're both a**holes, I just don't deny it you're essentially the same as me when it comes to jumping on people for the smallest of reasons and praising your life but yes I'm the only one in this boat, you're just a laid back guy who never gives ANYONE sh*t or brags about their life. Get over yourself, I did a long time ago. I make no assumptions that I am well-adjusted and treat people as they should be treated. No, I'm a jerk but at least I have enough balls to admit this. You post articles like this too oviously spout hypocricy about those crazy lefties and as soon as anyone calls you out on your ideas you get defensive and like me retort to personal attacks. Just look at every anti Red sox article posted on this board. Elitist a**hole who doesn't want to admit he's just as sh*tty a person as me or some others on this board. If a mod wants to close this because it's off topic fine, but please I'd love to hear your response about how you are SO much a better and polite person than me.
  3. This article is about as biased as can be but as Phantom said most parts of this can't hold up. It's just like the porn in the library case from about 10 years ago. Just too broad to possibly be left alone although the courts are far more conservative these days.
  4. I didn't say anything about hypocrisy. The amount of stuff that gets made up to form posts on here actually is laughable though. Then what are you implying? You're obviously not passing this along as a fact of the day. You have an agenda by posting a news article just as everyone does on this board and I doubt it was to support this summit.
  5. Laughable, hypocricy is found everywhere but that doesn't mean you need to not take action. By this same arguement, if you're to call yourself a true conservative you should not be driving on the interstate because their's plenty of government waste and corruption that goes into those roads. Government officials and activists flying to Bali, Indonesia, for the United Nations meeting on climate change will cause as much pollution as 20,000 cars in a year. The delegates each will produce an average 4.07 metric tons of carbon dioxide, or CO2, to reach the resort island 950 kilometers (600 miles) from Jakarta, according to estimates e- mailed to Bloomberg by the UN agency holding the conference. Some of the 187 nations participating in the two-week forum promised to offset their so-called carbon footprint by planting trees or buying emission credits. The symbolic actions won't help stop global warming, some scientists say. ``It's very hard for the public to understand that you come together with so many people to a very distant place and cause a lot of emissions, and at the same time talk about emission reductions,'' Artur Runge-Metzger, head of climate strategy for the European Commission, said yesterday in an interview in Bali, adding that he had offset his own emissions. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas responsible for the higher temperatures that are causing a surge in sea levels and an increased risk of droughts and floods, according to UN reports. The goal of the Bali meeting is a deadline for a new international treaty to limit emissions after the current accord, called the Kyoto Protocol, expires in 2012. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the conference organizer, failed to get governments to include offsetting projects in the group's budget, said Yvo de Boer, executive secretary of the convention. Some of the 10,000 attendees to this year's meeting, held in air-conditioned rooms at the tropical beach resort, planned their own projects. Proposals Abound Indonesia will plant 79 million trees to offset the entire conference's emissions, Emil Salim, head of the host country's delegation, told reporters yesterday in Bali. The Asian nation is investigating how to develop its tree-planting activity to ensure a lasting offset, said Amanda Katili, special assistant to Environment Minister Rachmat Witoelar. ``We have to know where the trees will be planted and make sure that they grow and not be cut down until they make enough carbon stock,'' Katili said in an interview. The U.K.'s 40-person team will have their emissions neutralized through a central government fund, a spokeswoman for the country's environment department said. EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas and three of his staff are buying so-called carbon credits, each representing a reduction of a ton of carbon dioxide, on the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, commission spokeswoman Barbara Helfferich said in a telephone interview. $132 `Out of Pocket' ``I'm paying out of my own pocket, and some individuals will also offset,'' said Helfferich, adding she's spending about 90 euros ($132). The U.S. won't compensate for the emissions of its delegates because ``we feel the best use of taxpayer dollars is for technology advancement, not purchasing carbon offsets,'' said Kristen Hellmer, a spokeswoman for the delegation. The environmental group WWF International, known in the U.S. as the World Wildlife Fund, is also making sure the visit to Bali by about 80 of its workers is carbon-neutral, according to Martin Hiller, a spokesman for the group's climate change program. ``Our flight emissions are equivalent to about half an hour's emissions from a normal coal-fired power station of about 600 megawatts,'' Hiller said in a telephone interview from Bali. ``We're offsetting all our travel with emissions credits.'' Carbon `Cowboys' The total of 40,700 tons of gas created by the conference is equivalent to the annual emissions of 20,350 mid-sized cars, each traveling 12,000 kilometers, according to www.atmosfair.de, a Web site that allows air travelers to compensate for emissions by investing in strategies to cut gas output in countries including India and Brazil. Delegates buying carbon credits should make sure they know what they're purchasing, because some companies that sell them are ``cowboys,'' Mark Meyrick, a London-based trader for EDF Trading, said in an interview. Companies calculate different amounts of carbon for the same flight, he said. ``What's very unclear when you do buy your offset is what exactly you're buying, and how it's calculated,'' Meyrick said. ``Offsetters don't do their reputations any favors when they can't come up with something that approximates the same number.'' The UN agency's de Boer said he last tried to have an offset included in a conference budget ``a number of years ago.'' As increasing numbers of governments and companies work to compensate for their own carbon emissions, he said he may try again to get delegates to incorporate offsetting into the convention's budget. ``I personally feel that this really should be part of our normal budget and our normal operations,'' de Boer said. ``But I don't decide on our budget; governments do.'' http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...id=aPbfclqokwcw :lol
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  7. Bush knew of this in August, Inexusable WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush was told in August that Iran's nuclear weapons program "may be suspended," the White House said Wednesday, which seemingly contradicts the account of the meeting given by Bush Tuesday. President Bush wasn't given specifics in the August meeting, his press secretary says. Adm. Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence, told Bush the new information might cause intelligence officials to change their assessment of the Iranian program, but said analysts needed to review the new data before making a final judgment, White House press secretary Dana Perino said late Wednesday. "Director McConnell said that the new information might cause the intelligence community to change its assessment of Iran's covert nuclear program, but the intelligence community was not prepared to draw any conclusions at that point in time, and it wouldn't be right to speculate until they had time to examine and analyze the new data," Perino said in a statement issued by the White House. The new account from Perino seems to contradict the president's version of his August conversation with McConnell and raised new questions about why Bush continued to warn the American public about a threat from Iran two months after being told a new assessment was in the works. But Perino said there was no conflict between her statement and Bush's Tuesday account of the meeting, when he said McConnell "didn't tell me what the information was." "The president wasn't given the specific details" of the revised intelligence estimate, which was released Monday, Perino said. Nor did Bush mislead Americans in October, when he warned of a third world war triggered by Iran's development of nuclear technology, she said. "The president didn't say we're going to cause World War III," Perino said. "He was saying he wanted to avoid World War III." In October, the president told reporters, "If you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be preventing [iran] from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon." The apparent gap between what U.S. intelligence officials knew in August and Bush's later warnings drew sharp criticism from Sen. Joseph Biden, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a Democratic presidential candidate, who called Bush's explanation unbelievable. "I refuse to believe that," Biden said Tuesday. "If that's true, he has the most incompetent staff in modern American history, and he's one of the most incompetent presidents in modern American history." But Perino said there was no need for Bush to pull back on any of his public statements after the August meeting, because McConnell stressed to the president that intelligence officials still had to do "due diligence" to make sure the new information was correct. "The director advised that there were many streams of information that had the potential to be in conflict, and it would take more time to vet it all to determine validity, and that's why they were not able to meet the deadline," she said in the prepared statement. Perino said her account came from a conversation that McConnell had Wednesday with another White House official. Earlier, Perino's deputy, Tony Fratto, had refused to provide reporters with further details about the August meeting between Bush and McConnell. The Bush administration has spent years warning that Iran's development of nuclear power plants and enriched uranium masked an effort to produce an atomic bomb. But in a reversal of a 2005 report, the National Intelligence Estimate released Monday concluded that Iran suspended nuclear weapons work in late 2003 and was unlikely to produce enough weapons-grade uranium for a bomb until at least 2010. Instead of focusing on that reversal, Bush has continued to stress that the report confirms long-standing suspicions that Iran had a nuclear weapons program in the first place. He said Wednesday that Tehran "has more to explain about its nuclear intentions and past actions," including a weapons program "which the Iranian regime has yet to acknowledge." But Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said the report was "a declaration of victory" for Iran in the face of international pressure to suspend his country's production of nuclear fuel. "Iran is a peaceful nuclear country now, and they have all accepted Iran as a nuclear country and have announced they will stand a nuclear Iran," Ahmadinejad said Wednesday. But Bush said Tuesday the report "doesn't do anything to change my opinion about the danger Iran poses to the world." And Perino called Ahmadinejad a "liar" Wednesday, because the new NIE shows that Tehran did have a clandestine nuclear weapons program at one time. "If anyone wants to call the president a liar, they are misreading the situation for their own political purposes," Perino said. "The liar is Ahmadinejad, and he has a lot of explaining to do." In the August meeting, the White House said, McConnell told Bush "that the intelligence community would not be able to meet a congressionally imposed deadline requiring a National Intelligence Estimate on Iran because new information had been obtained." Perino said this information showed the White House was correct in believing that Iran had a nuclear weapons program, which it halted only because of Bush's policies.
  8. Is that the report that said to expect some surprises? Hopefully there's some good stuff. Not just Foley, SCSA, and the same legends we're always used to seeing. Oh, but you know that's who we'll see...and Goldust. Under contract with TNA, I know this will certainly elicit tears from you :mischief Rumor is though Curt Henning, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Big Bossman are scheduled to appear
  9. If I get at least one of the following, I will never say a bad word about the WWE again. They are Ludvid Borga, Todd Pettengill, Bastion Booger, Damien Demento, or Kane coming out as Issac Yankem.
  10. Amy Winehouse sucks. Would you like a medal for that informative post?
  11. A full list is coming but Springsteen's Magic is #1, Long Walk Home is one of the best of his entire career IMO
  12. Democrat. Angered at the state of the party since 00, however. Had hope for 06 but they promised us Centrists and as soon as they got in pushed them into the back of the line. Chuck Schumer and Rahm are the only national heads I could actually support with all my heart.
  13. According to the Torch, Senshi quit TNA today. Apparently there was an all-talent meeting and Dixie Carter said she'd give anyone their release who wasn't happy. Senshi was the only one that took them up on that offer. No suprise really, he makes his money overseas anyway and can now go back to ROH
  14. Obama is not ready to run a country. The man simply is still too young and naive to run the U.S. in such a critical time. I do like his "real" approach, but it has shown his inexperience in some cases. He just simply needs more time and would be much better suited for the next election. Pretty weak case there which reaks of a GOP talking point. By that logic JFK should not have run because he was far too young and spoke far too much of optimism. Same thing for Clinton, not enough grit and real world views to win. Dubya? Please, the dude was not doing a great job in Texas, was still young and only a few years removed from buisness failures and of course had no foreign policy experience. Hell, Reagan by your logic should never have been president because being the head of SAG would not qualify him to be Governor and then ultimately President. Nixon, and Bush I were two of the most experienced presidents we had in the modern era. How'd that turn out captain? People who become entrenched in Washington for a long time do not win races, Obama is still fresh and ultimately four years from now he would have just been another bright star that set into Washington's game like so many once bright prospect.
  15. Great news, and a great sign of progress of the Latin American countries that they are willing to vote against a guy even if he is the one who can bring the most government handouts and security even if it comes at the price of freedom. Venezuelans, by the slimmest of margins, rejected a constitutional referendum that would have allowed President Hugo Chavez to seek re-election indefinitely and tightened socialism's grip on the oil-rich Latin American nation. By 51 percent to 49 percent, voters shot down a referendum that included 69 proposed amendments to the 1999 constitution, according to Monday reports from the National Electoral Council. In all, 9 million of Venezuela's 16 million eligible voters went to the polls. "Don't feel sad. Don't feel burdened," Chavez told supporters after the results were announced. In Washington, the White House applauded the vote. "We congratulate the people of Venezuela on their vote and their continued desire to live in freedom and democracy," said National Security Council spokesman Gordon Johndroe. Thousands of Venezuelans gathered in the streets of Caracas, many of them university students who worked to defeat the measure, and burst into singing their country's national anthem upon hearing the news. Watch what led to the referendum's defeat ? One of the more controversial proposed amendments would have abolished term limits, allowing the firebrand Chavez to hold office indefinitely as long as he is re-elected. The 53-year-old Venezuelan president was voted into power in 1998 and has twice been re-elected by large margins. The present law prohibits Chavez from seeking re-election when his term ends in 2012. Another amendment on the ballot would have pushed the country more toward socialism. The leftist Chavez has said he should have full authority over the autonomous Central Bank as well as the nation's economic policy. These measures, Chavez has said, are necessary to move the economy toward socialism. Since winning a second six-year term in December, Chavez has promised to push forward with his particular brand of socialism and his "Bolivarian Revolution." In Venezuela, the poor receive free health care and education, much like in Cuba, which is under the rule of Chavez's friend and mentor, President Fidel Castro. In the last year, Chavez has nationalized oil, telephone and power companies and refused to renew the broadcast license for RCTV, an opposition television station that had been broadcasting for 53 years. The Venezuelan government later threatened to investigate broadcasters it said were inciting the public to violence over the decision. RCTV returned as a cable and satellite broadcaster in July. On Friday, Chavez threatened to take independent Venezuelan network Globovision off the air if it broadcast partial results of the Sunday referendum. Chavez, a former paratrooper, also routinely lambastes the United States, which has had thin diplomatic but close economic ties with Venezuela. The United States is Venezuela's top oil customer, buying about 1 million barrels a day, and is one of the few countries that can refine its low-quality crude. Despite Sunday's defeat, Chavez -- in what he called a talk "from my heart" -- thanked those who opposed his proposals and said the election results proved Venezuelan democracy was maturing, a sentiment echoed by Tibisay Lucena, president of the National Electoral Council. View scenes from the historic election ? Earlier in Caracas, Chavez -- clad in his trademark red shirt and cradling his grandson -- made the sign of the cross when he voted, then took his paper ballot and placed it in a box. "For me, it's a very happy day," he said. He dipped his right pinkie in ink, collected his paper receipt from the voting machine and then gave an uncharacteristically short talk with the news media. "Let's wait for the results tonight," he told reporters. "We'll accept them, whatever they may be
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