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  1. They'll still have to keep him on the 40 man after the season? Not sure how all this works
  2. Nashville has already traded away their farm system to win now if Dombrowski continues his ways like he did in Detroit and Boston, or if he remembers how to build a team like with the Fish he'll be a World Series champ in 5 years
  3. I don't get the back and forth with Philly and Baltimore to begin the year, just seems like they'd consolidate the travel, but overall looks like they could do some damage this season
  4. To be fair I watch the minor leaguers on a regular basis, well at least the three teams playing in Florida, the ones on the list I had heard of hadn't impressed me much, good news there will be a new crop of farm players soon enough
  5. When I saw this was happening, I texted a friend that's a Mets fan and asked when their no-hitter day was going to be?!?
  6. Kim was acquired in a trade then he was waived, got picked up by the D-Backs and then was released and we signed him again during the 2007 season
  7. I had forgot about Furcal, I went to a Suns game and they had Furcal and Miguel Tejada in uniform
  8. John Boles also had two managerial turns. as far as coaches Bob McClure played and coached, so did Andy Fox, I missed Olivo so that's probably 23 that had different stints with the Fish. Players still not listed-Nate Robertson, Chris Hammond, Wes Helms, Justin Turner, Alejandro Pena, Aaron Small and Byung Hyun Kim had two stints in the same season, does that count? There's probably more???
  9. Did some checking, I see 22 players I'll let some others have fun before I add more
  10. Two on the 2003 Champs-Rick Helling and Niner, Brad Penny, Paul LoDuca, Dave Magadan probably the first? Juan Pierre, David Weathers, Kevin Gregg? Charles Johnson.....
  11. Does Johan Santana count? Seems like I forget Placido Polanco playing here, Jorge Julio is another one I tend forget
  12. On MLB website, of course most of us already knew this The Marlins are probably the only team whose mascot lost its head during a parachuting accident (probably). On Opening Day 1997, a Navy SEAL dressed as Billy the Marlin parachuted into the ballpark. Unfortunately, an unexpected gust of wind blew the head off the skydiver, who had to land in the park without it. The head was eventually recovered months later when two fans found it resting on a retaining wall along the Florida Turnpike. Facts for all the teams https://www.mlb.com/news/weird-fact-about-every-mlb-team
  13. Damn Samson is like a turd that won't flush
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