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  1. I've been to minor league games where it was done and now have seen it in the majors and I get the reasoning behind it to save arms, but I hate it. I also feel bad for the pitcher that comes in and gets a loss in that situation
  2. I had Brighthouse for phone/cable/internet, after company changes so I'm still left with the shitty Spectrum for internet but got Hulu live with it I get Fox Sports Florida and Fox Sports Sun so I get Marlins, Rays, Lightning and Magic, every now and then a Heat game, pretty sure this is because I live in central FL, but also includes multiple ESPN feeds FS1 and NBC sports along with the major networks so there are few sporting events I miss, my bill went down drastically
  3. He has to go through waivers first before he returns to the Nats, so any team is eligible to make a claim they're also on the hook for the waiver and Rule 5 fee, if unclaimed he can then return to Washington or every now and then the teams work out trades as the original team has moved on
  4. All these rules unwritten or implied are from a different era of baseball where players pretty much stayed on teams for the majority of their careers and pitchers had to hit -eventually you'd get a shot to get your revenge or to face the consequences of any transgressions you committed. Baseball is a far different game these days and no matter what the score the winning team still needs to get 27 outs, not like you can take a knee or run out the clock. Despite the different era I'd still say if you do violate the rules you should expect to get drilled
  5. I know Guzman pitched in relief, but he's been a starter for his time in the organization
  6. Looks like they're set at pitcher, shortstop and outfield, best looking list for the team since probably 2012?!?
  7. What's he been placed on the restricted list for?!?
  8. Is this the one that was with the team last year? There are two of them right?!?
  9. A central Florida kid, my brother used to coach him on a travel ball team when he was 11-12
  10. Damn what's worse having The Rona or being stuck in Philadelphia?!?
  11. Yet Michael Hill still has a job, seems like they're embracing mediocrity
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