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  1. Glad they're finally bringing him back
  2. Frisaro suggests the Fish reach out to Gio Gonzalez to see if he's interested in unretiring
  3. Always good to see a youngster challenge for a championship, well younger than me but not much
  4. Is this a stopgap for someone else to get called up? Poteet has been in the system a while but he doesn't really seem to be one of our top prospects
  5. For years I was always amazed how what was diagnosed as a minor injury for the Marlins would end up being season ending, hopefully that trend doesn't continue
  6. Wow, can't believe he got two games for that incident wonder how many games Hill would've given Nyjer Morgan back in the day
  7. I have some graded cards, but they were purchased that way. My local card shop (Orlando) has grading services every couple of months along with authenticators, not sure where you're at but I would think most metropolitan areas would also have these services. I too saw those Miggy cards and thought I really need to get the ones he signed in the Minors graded and authenticated.
  8. A time honored tradition on opening day-the bottom of the 9th for the Marlins
  9. Sounds like something a deaf lumber jack would yell
  10. That's what happens when you have Jazz hands
  11. Are you folks getting the Marlins announcers? I'm in the TB broadcast area I'm stuck with the Rays guys
  12. fanofthefish

    DH in NL

    Given last season with so many interleague games it made sense, ultimately I'd like to see it go. either way it should be the same in each league.
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