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  1. I'll be interested to see what they replace him with, I've seen a few teams replace veteran i.e. Old School, guys with little or no coaching/playing experience particularly playing MLB baseball
  2. I If he's interested in playing for us, we probably need to avoid him
  3. How about that, a win to finish on a high note, hopefully this is the last time we see several of these guys in Marlins uniforms
  4. Worst or disappointing? 2012 and 2015 were disappointing, obviously 1998 is by far the worst season followed closely by 2013 but I'd also include 2018 and 2019 along with this year among the worst, hard to believe Mattingly still has a job with 3 seasons in the worst overall
  5. This would be a set back for the staff, hopefully they can work something out to keep him in the fold
  6. I would include the Sheffield trade among the best trade. I would look at several that were made in the aftermath of the 1997 championship, trades that brought in Derrek Lee, A.J. Burnett, Brad Penny, Braden Looper and Mike Lowell, whom years later he'd be flipped to get Hanley and Anibal. The 2002 trades that brought in Willis, Pavano, Mordecai and Encarnacion should be in the better trades. Recently the deal to get Rojas and Dee worked out pretty good for the Fish. Worst trade definitely Cabrera, but I'd add the Yelich deal along with the Stanton trade. I'd also throw in trading Johan Santana away as a worst trade candidate
  7. A no doubter, ten time all-star with 9 Gold Gloves also helps he was behind the plate for two WS Champs
  8. I mean if a team is one or two pitchers away from being a contender why not?!?
  9. Good thing the Marlins got the 2nd best catching prospect that year in that draft
  10. It took me a while to find some pictures I got of Miggy through the years, first in 2002 lucky enough to get that one signed, 2003 with the Mudcats, 2007 in throwback uniforms against the Indians and his first spring with the Tigers
  11. Mike Hill absolutely should've been let go, if it was me it would've been a condition of purchasing the team. As for dumping any kind of legacy, a team rich in tradition like the Yanks they could've found a spots for McKeon, Perez, Conine and Dawson but that was their call, still don't support it but again their team. Still waiting to see how the new hires work out, thus far not overly impressed but still time to get there
  12. I'm not sure how I feel about this, since Topps was the only baseball card company the last few years I can say I honestly can't tell the difference between one years cards from the next years they all look so similar, also former Disney chief Michael Eisner took over Topps so I'm kinda glad that asshole won't be in the game. On the other hand I've collected every Topps baseball set for the last 45 years so I'm not sure I'm ready to commit to a product from fanatics, also their prices on items is rather high and not usually of great quality plus they've never made cards of any sort so there's that too. I guess I'll have to wait and see about the price and product but this has another shitty Manfred deal written all over it
  13. In a nutshell, I'd say no, there's no sense in starting the clock running on him at this point, doesn't really look like he has much left to work on there though
  14. It's been a while since I've eaten at either so I'm assuming the Grand Slam is still available at Denny's? Ihop chocolate chip pancakes
  15. Maybe an unpopular opinion but if either of them are starters next year, they aren't contending
  16. Didn't Jackson start out as an outfielder when he was first drafted? I mean if they're going to put anyone in the outfield that would make more sense
  17. Two dingers in a week, time to send him for a steroid test ?
  18. I thought the point of these trades were to better the team in the future? Jackson is a slightly better version of Wallach
  19. The native Floridian says it's Key Lime
  20. Yes, I remember I was excited when they moved him an Avery Romero up to Jupiter the one summer, like so many of the Marlins draft picks Greensboro made them look like they could hit
  21. I'd be in for trading Aguilar or Cooper, if anyone is willing to give us anything for Brinson please do it Can see some bullpen arms being traded-Garcia, Floro or Curtiss Duvall should be able to get a decent return and I'd throw in Panik in a deal if it can bring back a bigger return
  22. Wait, where are the cheap Jeter responses??? Obviously there'll be more players to go, did they really have to take Panik? Couldn't they get some batting practice baseballs or something useful?
  23. I know injuries are a part of the game, but what do they have like 10 guys on the IL? Would those that are out make that big a difference? Probably missing BA and Eliser the most, but not a whole bunch is missing and that's not really Mattingly's fault. Now has the team met expectations ? Not even close. Would a change of managers change the lack of depth at the Big League level especially in the bullpen? That's a no too. If they want to go in a different direction I would understand, but I'm pretty sure this season is a write off, I'd sell of the veterans and get a new med staff and let's see what happens in 2022
  24. fanofthefish


    Those concerned with the quickness of the vaccine are valid in their thinking, but keep in mind that Covid is an off shoot of SARS and there was already work being done on that vaccine. I have a family member that's a doctor that was in the test group for Moderna so I'd feel more confident in that one, but it truly is everyone's own choice. I glad I got mine!
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