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  1. Wow, can't believe he got two games for that incident wonder how many games Hill would've given Nyjer Morgan back in the day
  2. I have some graded cards, but they were purchased that way. My local card shop (Orlando) has grading services every couple of months along with authenticators, not sure where you're at but I would think most metropolitan areas would also have these services. I too saw those Miggy cards and thought I really need to get the ones he signed in the Minors graded and authenticated.
  3. A time honored tradition on opening day-the bottom of the 9th for the Marlins
  4. Sounds like something a deaf lumber jack would yell
  5. That's what happens when you have Jazz hands
  6. Are you folks getting the Marlins announcers? I'm in the TB broadcast area I'm stuck with the Rays guys
  7. fanofthefish

    DH in NL

    Given last season with so many interleague games it made sense, ultimately I'd like to see it go. either way it should be the same in each league.
  8. I'm still call it the Orange Bowl I don't care what they name it 🙂
  9. Leiter is the sixth ranked player, doubt he falls to 16, if you're looking at catchers Del Castillo will probably be gone too, but there are a couple of HS catchers ranked 18 & 19 (Mack and Ford) that if they wanted should be available. If last year's draft proves anything they probably won't hesitate to draft a pitcher
  10. It's basically a committee decision, based what the pitching coach, pitchers and catchers have gone over before the game and the game situation. The catcher at least in the MLB will call a pitch but will check with the dugout to see if everyone's on the same page as others have said it's ultimately the pitchers decision to go with the call, of course you don't want to piss off your catcher
  11. Probably Batman from the 60's or The Monkees
  12. I believe he's the 10th player of the Marlins to pass away, hard for someone in my 50's to think of a person dying so young
  13. Well yes, but I thought we were all international travelers here
  14. A big fan of Dunkin's, but the best doughnuts are usually found at little mom and pop shops. At Dunkin's I'd go Boston Kreme. Anyone else had a maple doughnut from Tim Horton's? Those are pretty good too
  15. Why do they keep trying to change this beautiful game ? It seems they want to see video game baseball, what's next pitching machines instead of pitchers? All batters hit off of tees?!? Designated fielding zones??? I get the 7 inning DH and the runner on second in extra innings to save pitchers arms but enough of this nonsense
  16. There's no DH in 2021 correct? I'm not sure where he would go on this team.
  17. If the team is contention and he's producing in the minors, he could be a great addition, if on the other hand the team isn't in contention I'd prefer they wait and keep his service time down so they don't have to start the arbitration clock. Either way he'll be in The Show for good come 2022
  18. Queenville has the team going in the right direction, they should make the playoffs in this years division which is kinda weak other than Tampa Bay, not sure how they'd be doing if they were playing Boston and Toronto on the regular instead of Detroit and Chicago
  19. That's just part of the business of the game, hopefully he gets a shot somewhere else
  20. The Bucs are the closest team to my location but one of the furthest from heart, I'm old enough to remember when the Dolphins were the only NFL team in Florida and I haven't changed my allegiance despite a lot of lean years, plus as Phins fan F*@k Tom Brady
  21. If Colorado doesn't get third base prospect Nolan Gorman they're screwing the pooch on this deal
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