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  1. Cabrera finished in Jax last season, splitting time between there and Jupiter, I'd imagine he'll spend the majority of the year unless he does something so impressive they won't be able to justify keeping him in AA. A little surprised on the news about Lewin, could really be a major addition to the reorganizational plans
  2. Are you looking for current players, minor leaguers, former players??? I've taken hundreds, more likely thousands of photos since 1993
  3. 48-Pat Rapp, Manuel Barrios, Brent Billingsley, Ron Mahay, Johnny Ruffin, Justin Wayne, Paul Quantrill, Joe Borowski, Lee Gardner, Brendan Donnelly, Hayden Penn, James Houser, Ozuna, Bour, Andrew Cashner, Chris Bostick and Hector Noesi 50-Terry McGriff, Brian Drahman, Buddy Groom, Bill Hurst, Ryan Dempster, Archie Corbin, Joe Strong, Julian Tavarez, Aaron Small, Todd Jones, Jorge Julio, Erasamo Ramirez, Marcos Carajal, Graham Taylor, Jose Ceda, Chad Qualls, Erik Cordier, Chris O'Grady and Yamamoto
  4. A bit of a surprise on Jarlin, I would've let Berti or Wallach go, hopefully they can get something in trade
  5. I remember watching him play college ball at Florida Southern College, always one of the nicest guys in the game, glad to see him sign with the Fish
  6. They can find a catcher at the end of spring training after all the cuts have been made and store him in AAA if needed, pretty much why they have Lavarnway there now
  7. So who comes off the 40? I not sure they need Wallach with Alfaro and Cervelli, maybe Conley?
  8. I think Beltran should have to keep managing the Mets, that's by far the worse punishment, as for Cora the Sox were just beating MLB to the punch
  9. I didn't agree with keeping Moran on the roster this far, considering some of the other pitchers lost to waivers in recent moves. That said there's a decent chance he could remain with the organization, doubt many team will be willing to give up a spot for him this close to spring training.
  10. https://media1.tenor.com/images/3a6162b07806f8b9deada6cbafcb9cfa/tenor.gif?itemid=8828126[/img]
  11. Baseball reference doesn't seem to make a connection between the two
  12. Marlins add releiver Ryan Cook, spent last year in Japan https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/01/marlins-sign-ryan-cook-reliever.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  13. So the top prospect Chisholm that's in AA now has a 2022 ETA?!? Also Sixto, Cabrera, Jesus Sanchez, Harrison, Neidert, Guzman, Vesia, Holloway, Dugger, Sharp, Miller, Mejia and VVM are all arriving in 2020, that's a lot of roster moves.
  14. Teams are free to retire numbers as they please, there's a solid case for it's retirement based on his longevity add in the fact they retired Willie Horton's number too this probably overdue.
  15. $2M not a bad price if he can stay healthy a much better option than Wallach
  16. Another nice low cost move, looking more like a 70 win season
  17. Good low cost move, the upside is if he returns to his 2018 form, if not it's still an option until Lewin is ready
  18. https://media.giphy.com/media/fBfWaX7dcSlsQ/giphy.gif[/img] More like Big Hit Big Body
  19. In light of recent developments, I chose not to vote any Astros
  20. https://media.giphy.com/media/eV3B6VcUIrBFm/giphy.gif[/img]
  21. As much as I would love to have a team closer to me than the Rays, I can't see MLB putting another team in a state where the two other teams combined average attendance would still rank 19th, seriously it would just be smarter to move the Rays to Orlando
  22. I would say that Heineman had a decent season, but his being the catcher on this team is more due to lack of production from within the system at the catching position, given a chance I think he could be the backup backstop especially if Wallach continues to battle injuries.
  23. MiLB posted their organizational all-stars for the Marlins by position for the 2019 minor league season C-Tyler Heineman-NOLA 1b-Lazaro Alonso-Jax/Jup 2b-Isan Diaz-NOLA 3b-Nick Ready-Batavia SS-Demetrius Sims-Clinton/Jup OF-Peyton Burdick-Bat/Clin J. D. Orr-Bat Jerar Encarnacion-Clin/Jup DH-Evan Edwards-Clin/Bat RHP-Edward Cabrera-Jax/Jup LHP-Trevor Rogers-Jax/Jup RP-Alex Vesia-Clin/Jup/Jax For the full story follow to the milb website https://www.milb.com/milb/news/isan-diaz-leads-miami-marlins-organization-all-stars/c-311768116?tcid=tw_article_311768116&fbclid=IwAR0HJHJI3hxvDQ1O6qt90vjbQSBmUYna3smWjbAgOw6xt-7vEQzaamJyIuA
  24. I'll always remember the war on I-4 between the Tampa Bay Storm and Orlando Predators, for the first ten years or so of the league seems like one of them was playing for the championship
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