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  1. Maybe introduce movable walls, they move in while the Marlins are hitting and go deeper when the visitors hit also add an extending wall barrier for the visitors too, that might help
  2. Based on previous experience here, this is no loss
  3. An under the radar player, he's a big bodied guy, I saw with Jupiter earlier this season, looks to be developing into a power bat at position the Marlins are thin after L. Diaz.
  4. Article says he got something tainted from a reliable source, anyone think that was Dee???
  5. He's looking great, he stopped and talked to me for at least 10 minutes discussing the Fish, the trade dead line and baseball in general, before the game. He works for the Nats now, Lenny is the hitting coach for Daytona who was in town to play the Hammerheads
  6. Nice night by Jazz, now I gotta make a trip to Jax before the end of the season, been a few years since I've felt the need to do that. Side note, went to the rookies game on Tuesday and got to see Jack McKeon and Lenny Harris who was wearing his 03 ring!
  7. Hoping to see him this weekend in Tampa
  8. Trying to split up some of the lefty bats, Cooper could be a valuable bench asset, hoping Miggy Ro is still around but doubt it, probably get stuck with Riddle
  9. When the trades go through the Marlins will be poised to possibly complete their rebuild by 2021 here goes my best guess at the 2021 line up, lots of questions and moves to be made before then but here's what's in place at the present, throw your guesses out there! C-Alfaro 1b-Cooper/L. Diaz platoon 2b-I. Diaz SS-Chisholm 3b Anderson OF-Bleday, Harrison, J. Sanchez SP-Alcantara, S. Sanchez, Smith, Lopez, Yamamoto RP-E. Hernandez, Guerrero, Quijada, Steckenrider, Garcia, Guzman
  10. Not sure of the value of Stanek, but excited about Sanchez, saw him play last year in the FSL, looks like a good pick up for the Fish
  11. Overall I'm pleasantly surprised by this deal, Chisholm has the ability to be a part of the core when the rebuild is complete, Gallen will be missed in though.
  12. Had to make space for Scott somehow, he cost too much to release, plus wasn't there a post on here on about both of them hitting better lately?
  13. I'm bald can I still be a fan????
  14. I remember when he was good for the Marlins for a minute
  15. Good pick up in Diaz, the Fish were kind of on the low end on first base talent, definitely gives a little more depth to the organization. I saw him play last year with Fort Myers Miracle last season, he looks like he'll be a solid player.
  16. Victor Victor has not only fallen out of the top 100 prospects he's not even in the Marlins top 10. Also cool to see 4 Fish in the top 100, it's been a while since that's happened.
  17. This certainly was a fiasco the way it was handled, I can't imagine someone buying the Yankees and telling Reggie or some of the other old timers to beat it. All this could probably be resolved though with a few phone calls and an apology.
  18. I really never noticed these uniforms before, even though I got Whisenant to sign that card, also in the picture what's going on with the pitcher in a black jersey and the fielder in teal?
  19. Maybe the other team stole it back and then we filched again?!?
  20. I will say Cooper has certainly been a surprise this year, but I think the Fish know that this is probably the peak of his performance for them. Looking at it long term if no one else develops at first for the Marlins( their minor league options are few), they'll still need to upgrade at first in a couple of years when they are ready to compete.
  21. Still waiting on the Marlins to re-retire #5, the curse of Carl has hit the team as the team hasn't posted a winning season since unretiring it
  22. Since it's a rebuild year I would get what I could for the veteran players, all of them starting with Romo all the way down the line with Walker, Prado and Grandy also hoping someone will take Chen (unlikely). It looks as though they finally have some depth among starting pitchers, but personally I wouldn't trade any of the young pitchers unless someone made a ridiculous offer, doubtful but if a team is desperate enough to wager the future why not? By trades, draft and international signings they've addressed a lot of needs for the organization, I'd like to see them add some catching depth as realistically they've got no one in the upper levels that could assume the duties if Alfaro missed significant time. Definitely the time to be sellers!
  23. Over the course of three games that I've got to watch him play one each in April, May and June he's a combined 1-14. I really don't see his progressing at this time and he'll have a lot of competition for an outfield spot in the future with Harrison and Miller and if they get anything out of Brinson he'll be at best a 4th outfielder. I've got one more game planned to watch him before the end of the season, hopefully his bat will look a little more lively.
  24. Yep that's a lot of suck, I would attribute a lot of that is due to schizophrenic path of the team during Loria's ownership. The Marlins have gone in every direction and didn't stick to a game plan , I think if they'd kept with the rebuild started in 2013 they'd have at least have produced a winning record by now. As much as I dislike Jeter I think they might actually be finally headed in the right direction.
  25. I mean I guess we have to have a representative so why not?? How about Hand making another all star team? Also congrats to former farm hand Luis Castillo on making it too.
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