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  1. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Wow, like Christmas in July but it's August
  2. Darren Daulton

    and Vada Pinson
  3. Don Baylor RIP

    On a already sad day in baseball with Dutch Daulton's passing MLB lost another great in Don Baylor on Monday. Baylor was the 1979 AL MVP and the first manager of our expansion mates the Rockies, he was 68
  4. Darren Daulton

    He knew battled a while ago but, I thought I saw somewhere he announced that he was cancer free, Definitely sad news, thanks for the help in winning the 1997 WS. I think he's the sixth Marlins player to have passed away-Polidor, Mathews, Frank Castillo, Justin Miller and Jose
  5. Jarlin Garcia in the rotation !?

    Up until this season he's pretty much been a starter, give him some starts in Jax through this month and then try him in the rotation in Sept
  6. If you could bring back one Marlin from the past...

    Johan Santana
  7. Riddle and Volquez Out for Season

    Yet another victim of the Marlins medical staff, how many mis-diagnosis have they had through the years where a guy has a minor injury and then next thing you know he's done for the year

    I love how a guy who's only played 6 games is the #15 prospect!!! First thing the new owners need to do is invest in player development
  9. Marlins Trade Phelps to Mariners

    Not a bad haul, one prospect and a couple of suspects, sad to see it will probably move Justin Twine down the Marlins prospect list, good thing him and his .185 BA have been promoted to Jupiter
  10. Brian Anderson playing well in AAA thus far

    He'll get a chance after they trade Prado, or they'll package him in a trade to try to make a run for it this year and then two weeks later they see that isn't working and they still trade Prado
  11. What Mistakes/NOT Mistakes Have the Marlins Made Over Loria's Time

    The biggest mistake of the Loria error, uh I mean era has been the lack of player development, be it their drafting of players solely for signability over players that would have cost more, the absence of a presence in scouting foreign players especially in the Dominican and Venezuela where they signed and developed a great number of players earlier, could throw in the disregard of competitive balance draft picks, you know that would have helped the team be competitive. You can also add in the terrible trades and the lack of commitment to a plan for success e.g. we're going to tear it down and rebuild and then barely into the rebuild try to buy a winner. I guess the successes of the Loria time will be the 2003 championship and the new stadium
  12. Ozuna, Stanton chosen as All-Stars

    Seriously is there anyone on here that ever thought Brad Hand would be an All-Star?!?!? Also congrats to Jason Vargas and Andrew Miller on making the AL roster
  13. Ziegler to DL, Tazawa back

    This is like wiping your ass and still seeing shit
  14. Marlins sign Rogers

    Was thinking they should go ahead and send him to Dr Andrews now get the paper work started
  15. Garrett makes pro debut this Morning after 2 years!!!

    Garrett to undergo TJ surgery according to MLB trade rumors https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/06/braxton-garrett-to-undergo-tommy-john-surgery.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook