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  1. fanofthefish

    Is Joe right or wrong?

    Joe is always wrong is usually my motto! Basically last season they had a sub .500 team in place without any decent pitching , but with some exciting players , and now they have a super sub .500 team with few chances to win, still no pitching and already in next season mode until 2020. No one can say for certain what would've happened if they had kept the core together and made improvements, my guess is they would be in third place instead of last but still on the outside of the playoffs, so still not a successful season
  2. fanofthefish

    the rays

    I seriously thought the Rays and Marlins were going to be neck and neck in a race for the worst record in baseball going into this season, I obviously underestimated them, even with the in-season trades and releases they've made they have had one of the best records in baseball for the second half. Sadly it looks like they're the best run team in Florida
  3. fanofthefish

    How do you feel about all this?

    I really haven't seen any of this? Were they active in the international signing period and just missed seeing this? I remember them including signing money in trades so they had less to spend, but if they got anybody good let me know Stars?!? Someone had to explain who the guy from Jersey Shore was, Shaq is cool but most of these "Stars" wouldn't entice me to show up to a game If they want me to show up it really comes down to putting a better product on the field, not special nights or give aways
  4. fanofthefish

    Todd Hollandsworth

    This might just be the worst broadcast team in the Marlins history, I would hope they let them both go, keep Tommy and bring in someone better to do play by play
  5. fanofthefish

    Austin Dean

    Good call up, has been hot in both Jax and NOLA, better late than never!
  6. fanofthefish

    Chris Bostick traded to the Marlins

    Awesome, who??
  7. fanofthefish

    Monte Harrison liked this tweet

    He's the Marlins top prospect, so yeah I would say yes to a September call up
  8. fanofthefish

    Bour traded to Phillies.

    Well good to see the Marlins failed to get a top 30 prospect for a serviceable player, not really sure what this trade accomplishes, but a sub.500 career pitcher with 4.00 ERA seems like the Marlins kinda guy
  9. fanofthefish

    Baby Fish Notes

    I missed that it was 7 innings
  10. fanofthefish

    Baby Fish Notes

    I didn't see it mentioned but, Greensboro pitched a combined no hitter the other day Taylor Braley pitched the first 7 innings and Jeremy Ovalle and Michael Mertz finished it off, it was the first no-no for the Grasshoppers since Jose had a combined one in 2012. The farm system is looking pretty good with the additions in the last two drafts and trades, still not great but improved!
  11. fanofthefish


    What has changed from last year? He looked like a building block for the future, sad to see his regression
  12. fanofthefish

    Isaac Galloway called up

    Glad to see such a long term organization member getting a chance, I believe he truly deserves it
  13. fanofthefish

    Marlins trade Ziegler to D-Backs for Tommy Eveld

    No I expected them to be leading the way to the first overall pick in the draft after the dismantling, but they've even managed to screw that up
  14. fanofthefish

    Marlins trade Ziegler to D-Backs for Tommy Eveld

    This disappointing Marlins season continues, go to bed with Ziegler close to being gone to the Cubs, wake up to him still being a Marlin!!! Hoping this deal still gets done because I can't wait for Ziegler to F' up the Cubs in the post-season
  15. fanofthefish

    Marlins showing some improvement

    They need to knock that shit off!!! How're they going to get the top pick in the draft playing like this???? They're going to need to trade the whole bullpen to get in contention for that top spot

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