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  1. I don't see how they can say 2003 was an accident. I mean they signed Pudge and picked up Pierre in the off-season, they had at the time an ace in Burnett and it looked like future aces in Penny and Beckett to go along with established starters throughout the infield. It's been awhile but I remember thinking they could contend. Also the video doesn't give Dombrowski enough credit for reassembling and restocking the team after the fire sale, he's the one who picked up Lee, Lowell, Penny and Burnett in trades and drafted or signed Beckett, Castillo, Cabrera and Gonzalez. Beinfest did his part too, but I think Dombrowski put the nucleus of the team together.
  2. Could they move to another team's bullpen?!? This is at least a better place for him maybe he can be a LOOGY, so he can't F it up too bad
  3. Wishing nothing but the best for Hanley, still one of the most electrifying players in Marlins history. Hoping he finds the motivation to be productive again.
  4. Will they use Prado in a utility role? He moved around a lot on the field prior to joining the Marlins.
  5. They're points , not necessarily all good ones, Martinez and Mussina despite what was posted still don't merit what I consider Hall of Fame consideration, they're both very good players just not good enough to be considered among the games very best. To me the Hall is about those players I would pay to watch and want to see, neither of these did this despite lengthy careers in which they failed to hit several of those magic numbers the majority of enshrined players have, I would point out I rarely agree a lot with the voters especially on certain selections over the years or fellow members here on what a Hall of Fame career is, that said your points fail in my estimation to qualify either as Hall worthy. As for Rivera, he truly was great pitcher, but I don't see his value being unanimously better in its value over previous selections for the Hall, especially as these are the same voters that seem to disregard the value of the reliever in as much that the closest in comparison to him Hoffman had to wait three years to be selected and Smith finally goes in, but only by the veterans. I get that someone would eventually be unanimous, but I find it hard to believe the voters chose him, personally would've preferred a position player, but that's my preference.
  6. The voting has become a sham, it's ridiculous that Rivera went in unanimous!!! HOFer sure but a damn reliever to be the first unanimous is crazy. Especially given the voters take on closers making Lee Smith wait to get in through the veterans committee when he was just as dominant a pitcher. Also how the hell are Martinez and Mussina hall worthy??? Neither were the best player on their respective teams, didn't win any awards or hit any magic numbers or win a championship?? I'm not seeing their worthiness. With their inclusion and the veterans adding Baines this is now a Hall of Good Players.
  7. I'm sure whether I go or don't go doesn't really punish them, if season ticket holders walked away that would probably hurt, but short of that the attendance has been traditionally low so even that probably wouldn't have much effect. That said, I really haven't looked at going to any MLB games this season, but will again attend games on the minor league level at Jax, Jupiter and the GCL, I already looked at those schedules!
  8. Usually about two spring training, their series in Tampa and at least one series in Miami, also if the schedule allows I've caught them elsewhere on the road a time or two so averages around 8 or so, that was until last season where I didn't watch them once, no sure what this season holds definitely going out of my way to see them.
  9. He'll probably look like Dandy the old Yankees mascot
  10. All I'm saying is Livan received a vote and Edgar got two, stranger things have happened, he could get a vote
  11. I think anyone completed 10 seasons in the Majors and has been retired for 5 is included, that said he'll get a few votes, but certainly not enough to keep him on the ballot
  12. He can't hit a free throw, wait wrong Nick Anderson
  13. In just a few years just when they're getting really good the Marlins can then trade the kids for younger prospects
  14. Shout out to Yelich on also winning his first silver slugger too
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