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  1. Over the course of three games that I've got to watch him play one each in April, May and June he's a combined 1-14. I really don't see his progressing at this time and he'll have a lot of competition for an outfield spot in the future with Harrison and Miller and if they get anything out of Brinson he'll be at best a 4th outfielder. I've got one more game planned to watch him before the end of the season, hopefully his bat will look a little more lively.
  2. Yep that's a lot of suck, I would attribute a lot of that is due to schizophrenic path of the team during Loria's ownership. The Marlins have gone in every direction and didn't stick to a game plan , I think if they'd kept with the rebuild started in 2013 they'd have at least have produced a winning record by now. As much as I dislike Jeter I think they might actually be finally headed in the right direction.
  3. I mean I guess we have to have a representative so why not?? How about Hand making another all star team? Also congrats to former farm hand Luis Castillo on making it too.
  4. Hopefully he throws another one in Lakeland this weekend, planning on seeing them a couple of times weather permitting
  5. Apparently not a good draft as the #1 pick in that draft Brady Aiken is also in the same league
  6. I would say he's more under the radar, obviously not getting much attention from MLB network or other media outlets, but probably not the most underrated I'd say Jorge Polanco would be in the running for that
  7. Yes, they could do that. There was a year maybe 2012?!? where Stanton was selected but was injured and they just replaced him with someone non-Marlin.
  8. You can add Jumbo Shrimpers Brian Miller, Justin Twine, Robert Dugger and Cody Poteet and then you did!!!
  9. I'm guessing they'll take either Andrew Vaughn or JJ Bleday depending on if they're available, possibly a pitcher like Nick Lodolo, he's really the only pitcher I would take in the top 5. As for last years draft they actually took a player rated in the area of their suggested draft position and then did fairly well in regards to filling organizational needs with their selections at least through the first four rounds. Whomever they get hopefully they're ready soon!
  10. They've been almost as bad as the Astros were from 2011-2014, I don't think many teams in MLB history sucked that bad
  11. No matter how you slice it, I was never a fan of this pick, he was ranked in the 50's and then they took him at #12?!? His numbers in the minors have been solid but all things considered I'd much rather have the pitching the Marlins gave away in trades back than this guy.
  12. I would say add him, but for selfish reasons, he played high school ball at the same school as my son.
  13. I'd say yes to Harrison after June, just in case he's good don't want to start the clock early on arbitration, as for Ramirez or Gallen that'd be a no, those would involve removing someone off the 40 man roster, other than Chen who needs to go
  14. Awesome so Jeter is a genius when the Marlins have the #1 overall pick two years in a row as predicted?!? Will there be anyone left watching the Marlins at the end of that run of bad baseball? I check in on games now through my phone, but I can't tell you the last time I actually made time to watch a game, I really don't look forward to more of the Jeter plan of bad baseball
  15. I don't see how they can say 2003 was an accident. I mean they signed Pudge and picked up Pierre in the off-season, they had at the time an ace in Burnett and it looked like future aces in Penny and Beckett to go along with established starters throughout the infield. It's been awhile but I remember thinking they could contend. Also the video doesn't give Dombrowski enough credit for reassembling and restocking the team after the fire sale, he's the one who picked up Lee, Lowell, Penny and Burnett in trades and drafted or signed Beckett, Castillo, Cabrera and Gonzalez. Beinfest did his part too, but I think Dombrowski put the nucleus of the team together.
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