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  1. fanofthefish

    5/20 Sweet Chen Music

    I expected nothing and yet I'm still disappointed
  2. fanofthefish

    Austin Dean, great prospect?

    I've watched Austin for many years in the organization, I would say he's more suspect than prospect. He's a nice guy and all, but just don't see him as anything more than a 4th or 5th outfielder
  3. They're still not good, but are better than I would've anticipated at this juncture, good for Heyman to apologize though
  4. fanofthefish

    The Keep JT Realmuto Thread

    This team is a dumpster fire and I would imagine at least three years away from competing, might as well trade him and hopefully speed up the process. Not that I want him gone, but he'll probably be gone with nothing to show when he becomes a free agent
  5. fanofthefish

    Marlins team rankings in key NL stats

    No where to go but up
  6. fanofthefish

    Marlins Man's Latest Plea for Attention

    This guy is almost as big an embarrassment as the team
  7. fanofthefish

    Is there an exciting player in this organization?

    I haven't caught a Hammerheads game yet, but a buddy of mine did and thought Mahan was really impressive, I would like to see Guzman there. I'll also make a trip up see Harrison in Jax, but not super excited about any of these kids. On a side note even though I was against his selection Josh Naylor leads the minors in Homers and is hitting almost .500
  8. fanofthefish

    Small sample size but...

    I wasn't expecting much, therefore I'm not disappointed
  9. fanofthefish

    April 2 - Red Sox/Marlins

    Anyone know how you score the Brinson out for those keeping score at home?
  10. fanofthefish

    Favorite opening day memory

    Even though it wasn't a win, the only opening day I've been in attendance for was in 2008, the introductions, the crowd it was amazing! Though I don't recall ever being more excited for an opener more than 93 and Hough's first pitch
  11. fanofthefish

    Marlins' 2018 ST attendance beats 2017

    They've shared a stadium for years, just saying the Cards fans don't have to go anywhere to see their team
  12. fanofthefish

    Marlins' 2018 ST attendance beats 2017

    Way to go, could possibly be the scheduled games against the Yankees and Red Sox, along with Cardinals fans basically getting in another game. Either way I guess that's a bonus
  13. fanofthefish

    HR sculpture not used after HR today

    They usually don't use for it spring training games, I can remember being there for the disappointment when Gaby Sanchez homered against the Yankees and nothing happened in 2012
  14. fanofthefish

    Wayne Huizenga passes away

    Without Huizenga there is without a doubt no baseball team in Miami, if you get a chance read the book "If they don't win it's a shame" about the 97 season, a lot of insight on the money spent that year and the attendance numbers needed to and that weren't met despite the playoff run. I hated the firesale but his wasn't the first one in baseball and fortunately Dombrowski picked up most of the key pieces of the 2003 championship from it. RIP Wayne
  15. fanofthefish

    The Wog's Bold Prediction

    In 2018?