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  1. The Wog's Bold Prediction

    In 2018?
  2. $$$ Fantasy Baseball?

    I'm in three already but could do a fourth
  3. John Lynch the Marlins 2nd pick ever after CJ I would add Ryan Tucker he looked pretty good when he first arrived also Jason Vargas he came up and was awesome, then they made him cut his hair, it took him 11 years to get it all back together
  4. Souza to D-backs in 3-way deal

    They've just released Dickerson, traded Longo, Sousa and Odorizzi, let Cobb and Morrison go as free agents and they have Hechavarria as shortstop! They're going to give the Marlins a run for the money for that top pick in 2019
  5. Souza to D-backs in 3-way deal

    Am I missing someone really special coming out in the 2019 draft? You'd think the Marlins and Rays were battling to see who's getting the top pick
  6. Kiermaier 'very upset' with Rays' recent moves

    Are the Marlins and Rays battling for someone really special with the top pick in the 2019 draft?
  7. Miami Herald does another Jeter hit piece

    I for one was not in favor of a fire sale! Not that anyone asked me, but I guess I can just miss the best young outfield in the game and hope Jeter got enough depth in his moves, as long as these guys have a plan and actually will stick to it they should be able to post a winning record eventually
  8. Jarlin Garcia to be a starter

    I think this is a good move move for the fish, Garcia could be a decent 4-5 guy in the rotation
  9. Prado thankful, would never request a trade

    I'm glad he hasn't requested a trade, that said I hope they trade him, he's a great guy and deserves to play for a contender
  10. Tim Lincecum

    They probably can't afford him, but even he's shit they should sign him to lock up the #1 pick in the draft
  11. Will attendance be better than last year?

    So with the Red Sox and Yankees coming in there should a bump for the way fans, the Mets come in 3 times so there's a bump in attendance for those games, I guess you can add in the Cubs and yeah there might be a slight increase in attendance. I'd be more interested to see where season tickets are for this off-season compared to last. I can't see how this team will have better attendance.
  12. Sea creature race abolished

    They probably couldn't afford to keep them
  13. Frisaro makes solid points on depth

    The only point Frisaro has is the one on top of his pinhead! If he's seriously comparing this collection of shit players as building depth he must be hitting the bottle hard this morning
  14. 5 Marlins in BPs top 100 Prospects list

    Let's also not forget for every one of those guys there's a Chad James, Matt Dominguez and Kyle Skipworth and absolutely nothing coming from international signings, but yeah he did connect on few picks
  15. 5 Marlins in BPs top 100 Prospects list

    Still absolutely 0 developed by the Marlins, really glad they're keeping Hill