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  1. Dusty out as Nats manager

    Looks like winning back to back division championships will get you fired, him and Farrell let go for the teams not advancing
  2. Jeter fires Berger, McAvoy, DelPiano and Benedict

    Will this be subject to compensation???
  3. Jeter fires Berger, McAvoy, DelPiano and Benedict

    I get cleaning house, but how the hell does Mike Hill have a job??? Didn't he hire most of these folks?
  4. Chris Volstad

    I saw him camp last year with the Braves, I wish him well, he was always a good signer for the fans
  5. Who's gone before Opening Day 2018?

    Hopefully Jeter
  6. Jeter Fires Conine McKeon Dawson & Perez

    Awesome a giant douchebag as the mascot
  7. All Marlins Team

    Here are the ones voted for the Florida Marlins all-time team
  8. Marlins Hall of Fame

    I was just remembering players from the all time Marlins team, so that's why Pudge and not Miggy, but yeah he deserves it too! A little more thought I'd put Jose, Livan, Nen and Uggla along with Han Ram throw in managers like Leyland and Jack while they're at it
  9. Marlins Hall of Fame

    What would be the criteria for induction? A certain number of years with the team? Would they have to have retired a Marlin? If there were no specific requirements I would say Conine, Castillo, Sheffield, Lowell and Stanton, probably say CJ, Kevin Brown, JJ, Pudge and Beckett too
  10. When did you become a Marlins fan and why?

    I was a fan from day one in 1991, I had my first Marlins shirt within two weeks of them announcing that Florida would finally have a MLB team! There have been way more downs than ups over the years, but despite what looks like another inept ownership I'll still root for the Marlins across the chest even if it's no longer teal
  11. Marlins ownership disappointing fans-The tradition continues!
  12. How will you react to the firesale?

    I'll react the way I've done for everyone of these they've held so far, Anger at first when they trade away guys that would be considered cornerstones of other organizations, secondly acceptance that the farm system is shit and they just don't have the horses to make a title run, finally hope that the new guys will push them to a championship. Basically wash, wear, repeat!! I love baseball and will hopefully fully vindicated when my Fish win it all againe
  13. Brian Anderson back in action

    After all he's no Justin Twine
  14. Felo Ramirez passes away

    Sad loss, he'd been here since game one, thoughts go out to his family, he'll be missed
  15. Koehler traded to Blue Jays

    Wow, like Christmas in July but it's August