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  1. Ziegler to DL, Tazawa back

    This is like wiping your ass and still seeing shit
  2. Marlins sign Rogers

    Was thinking they should go ahead and send him to Dr Andrews now get the paper work started
  3. Garrett makes pro debut this Morning after 2 years!!!

    Garrett to undergo TJ surgery according to MLB trade rumors https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2017/06/braxton-garrett-to-undergo-tommy-john-surgery.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  4. 6/3 Post No-Hitter

    Wow!!! Way to go Steady Eddie, maybe he can carry on with this the rest of the season
  5. Should the Marlins go after Sam Dyson?

    While we're looking at reunions Mat latos and Justin Ruggiano were cut today too
  6. Cosart, cashner and Jacob Turner

    If you want to spotlight pitchers the Marlins let slip away look no further than Jason Vargas
  7. Tazawa

    Not many options to go to, Ziegler sure as hell is a no, so that only leaves Barraclough, Phelps and Ramos as somewhat dependable. I guess run the kids Wittgren and Garcia out more, but this pen is atrocious
  8. Chen not close, Marlins need starter Sunday

    So this season looks like it's going down the tubes pretty quick, just give Nicolino and Urena the ball every five days for rest of the year and remove all doubt(if there is any) that these guys can be MLB level starters, leave Chen on the DL any time he complains of anything so he doesn't reach any of his vesting options
  9. Following other MLB teams

    Showing my age, but I grew up in Winter Haven when the Red Sox held spring training there, they have and will always be my American League team. Conveniently they moved out after 92 and I needed a new team to root for and Florida finally had team
  10. Marlins Sale Rumors

    As much as Loria loves all things Yankees he probably sold the team to Jeter at a discount
  11. Todd Hollandsworth

    I've liked him thus far, all will fail in comparison to Tommy though
  12. how many game you all going this season

    Two, when they come to Tampa I'll go to both, unless they make the playoffs 0 in Miami, all my ticket budget went to ASG tix
  13. Paco Rodriguez

    He's worth a look, the bullpen is going to factor into a lot of games with that rotation
  14. Locke could miss all of April

    On the bright side, more chances to see him pitch with Jupiter
  15. 2017 Season Bold Predictions!

    In what?