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  1. Yelich Trade Rumors and Updates

    At this point why would Yelich or Realmuto or that matter Bour want to stay? Might as well burn the whole thing down, deal them all
  2. Volquez released

    So they're still on the hook for the money?!? I get the roster spot angle but hope this will be covered by an insurance policy
  3. Why has Derek Jeter received so much hate?

    My guess would be the fiasco in handling the firing of beloved front office personnel, then Rich being let go. Add in trading fan favorite Dee Gordon while also factoring in the whole mishandling of the Stanton trade, from not meeting with him then giving him the ultimatum of accept a trade or else everyone else goes. This blew up in his face as evidenced by the low return for Stanton. Finally not having the balls to face up to his decisions by attending the winter meetings. All that said the organization is weak on talent, hasn't had a winning record in forever and still draws attendance for shit, so I know changes need to be made, but with no experience in any of these matters he's not making himself look good.
  4. Cards expected to target Ozuna or Yelich

    Whomever it is they'll fail to get an adequate return. Ozuna is going to kill them in arbitration so I'm guessing he's next out the door
  5. Rule 5 Draft

    I'm sure they'll take someone from the Yankees
  6. Dee Gordon traded to the Seattle Mariners

    So how fucking cheap is this ownership going? Dee's contract wasn't that large in the grand scheme especially considering there's no way Ozuna stays. So basically Yelich and Realmuto and a bunch of nobodies???
  7. Rafael Palmiero attempting comeback

    With all the PED's in his system he could probably still go yard
  8. Marlins All-Time 25 Man Roster

    Tough call on some of these, here's my 25 C-Johnson, Realmuto 1b-D Lee. Niner 2b-Castillo, Uggla 3b-Lowell, Miggy SS-HanRam, Gonzalez OF-Stanton, Floyd, Sheffield, Wilson, Ozuna P-Josh Johnson, Jose Fernandez, Kevin Brown, Ricky Nolasco, Josh Beckett, A,J Burnett Robb Nen, Antonio Alfonseca, A J Ramos, Braden Looper Apologies to Dee, Pudge(one season) Edgar Renteria, Juan Pierre, Yelich, Brad Penny, Dontrelle, Livan Hernandez and Jay Powell
  9. would you follow marlins 2018

    Yes I still follow, team suck no change I think this is how we should all respond
  10. Fox Sports dumps Waltz, Preston, Conine

    Wow! This sucks even though I preferred Kapser over Rich he was way better than most announcers out there!
  11. MLB lowers the boom on the Braves

    Major League Baseball has declared 12 international players free agents including shortstop Kevin Maitain #38 prospect after they circumvented international signing rules from 2015-17. These players will be free to sign with any team. They've also taken the Braves third round pick in next years draft. In addition to its punishment of the Braves MLB has permanently banned former GM John Coppolella from ever working in baseball again
  12. Fish acquire Cooper and Smith; King and money to Yankees

    Some things never change, still not using the international signing money!! Glad to see the Marlins can help the Yanks
  13. Stanton named MVP

    Someone who needs their vote taken away! Along with anyone who didn't have Stanton in their top three
  14. Scott Boras rips Jeter's plan

    Man, I hate both Boras and Jeter, not sure who's side to take on this
  15. Payroll increase won't come until 2020, if then?

    So they're going to cut payroll by trading fan favorites, putting a team that will lose a lot of games and then expect the fans to increase attendance and revenue so they can then increase payroll?!? I already can't wait for the next owners!