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  1. I have heard of these blogs. They sound like an interesting creation. I might have to try them out.
  2. Go to mexico. Prison>Mexico How dare you insult my homeland.
  3. Santa Anna +1 What a tool. You are a wise man.
  4. You know, with World Cup season only a couple of months away, I figure its time to ask this question again. You people give me the answer.
  5. One of the greatest opinion polls in the history of man to surface again.
  6. What a beautiful flag the green, white and red is. Hope, Purity and Union. It doesnt get any better than that.
  7. let's bring this back. the same question applies people.
  8. You people tell me, I cant decide.
  9. I have seen all of you talking about how great all of these other countries are, but I think you are all wrong. If places like Cuba, which I constantly hear about was so great, why does everyone hate the ruler? Why does everyone try to cross on boats to the United States? We all know what country is the greatest country in the world. What do you really think though?
  10. I know I havent been here in a while, so I'll ask this of all of you. What is the best sport in the world? I know the answer, do you?
  11. I am glad to see some nice futbol fans here. While sports like volleyball and etc may have higher proportions of players, there are reasons for that. However they cannot get anywhere close to the popularity of futbol. Its been once again shown how global futbol truly is in this world. I am very happy that people are actually taking of their damn American shaded glasses and seeing the truth.
  12. What African nations play hockey or baseball for that matter? Even in cold weather climates, futbol is played. You lose. What's the biggest sport in the Caribbean? Which sport has more recognizable Asian stars? Who has more Americans? Europe will fall soon enough, Africa is unimportant. Do you even believe what you type. Futbol is by far the most popular sport in the world. Wake me up when baseball actually forms a World Cup, let alone makes it successful. World Cup = most popular and anticipated sporting event in the world.
  13. What African nations play hockey or baseball for that matter? Even in cold weather climates, futbol is played. You lose.
  14. No, I mean futbol. Just because you damn Americans want to call it soccer doesnt mean I will also.
  15. Did anyone ask for your sarcastic response. I am not referring the sport you damn Americans call football. I am talking about futbol. The only true global sport.
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