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  1. That's not how I saw it. Panik is making $1.8 million this year...double what Cimber is making. Plus Cimber is the most desirable part of the trade for Toronto. He's been solid and has 4 years of control left. He has value on the market. So Toronto is paying the majority of the Dickerson contract and Panik is to even the salary a bit.
  2. Not knowing the full financial situation, but between the local TV deal (assuming $50 million), national TV (I believe $60 million per team), and naming rights ($9 million), the Marlins should be pulling in about $120 million a year before selling a ticket. No excuse to not raise payroll going forward.
  3. Frisaro reports the deal is just under $10 million per year. If so, excellent job by the Marlins. The highest current deal is the Braves at $10 million from SunTrust.
  4. Exactly. That has always been an underrated point about the Tampa Bay deal.
  5. $80 million is the reported amount of the Rays new deal (although they say it is less), so I'm sure that something in that range was the expectation of the new ownership group. Of course that was before Covid and when there was something of a TV rights boom. Something in the $50 million-ish range was always most realistic.
  6. The most recent TV deal was KC. According to Fangraphs' TV deal list, that one was $44 million annually (for 6 years). KC is the 34th biggest TV market. Miami-Ft. Lauderdale is 18th (not including Palm Beach County which is 39th). Even taking into account a pandemic economy, you have to think the Marlins deal is something like 6 years in the $50-$55 million range, which would be substantially more than double.
  7. Probably because it's not $80 million...but something in the $50 range is a huge improvement.
  8. @CraigMish Sources indicate the Marlins new multi-year TV deal is more than doubles their previous one annually from a financial perspective. Substantially more than double. In addition the deal is more than 5 years in length. 9:49 AM · Mar 24, 2021·Twitter Web App
  9. “Disappointing” could mean anything. I’m sure they didn’t get the $80 million they wanted, but at the same time, Sherman did indicate it was more than double the old deal. My guess is somewhere in the $45-50 million range, which is still a big improvement. It’ll be interesting to see how long a deal this is. The real question is whether or not they did better than the deal Samson negotiated before the sale. I think the story is that Samson had a deal for around $50 million a year and he told Jeter he could either accept it for them or let them negotiate their own deal, which they obviously chose to do. I guess we will find out if that was a smart move.
  10. The concept of the fish tanks were always better in theory than in reality.
  11. Barry Jackson @flasportsbuzz · 4h Good news: There will be TV for at least 1 Marlins spring game, next Monday against Cards at 1 p.m. on Fox Sports Florida (featuring Marlins & Cardinals announcers). All or nearly all regular season games will continue to be televised in Marlins new TV deal, to be finalized soon.
  12. With Hurt being the 2nd player, that means they still need to clear a spot for Duvall.
  13. Mish himself said that he thought the Marlins were done and that RF would probably be a Brinson/Sierra platoon. So, as much as I think Mish does a good job on Marlins coverage, he doesn't always know everything. I would think that if they were willing to give Kintzler a $2 million MLB deal, then they will probably pivot to someone else with a similar offer.
  14. There are still a number of good closer-types out there. Rosenthal, Workman, Melancon, Peacock, Clippard, Shane Greene, Kela, Jeffress, Romo, etc... Have to think one of them ends up here.
  15. Outside of Kintzler, Garica, and perhaps Boxberger, these replacements are probably just about equal to the rest of the current pen. Hopefully Neidert and Dugger avoided infection though because they will be needed for the rotation for now. If the position players are mostly OK outside of the guys we know for sure are out, the Marlins may be able to stay afloat for a week or so until they can start getting regulars back.
  16. 6th bullpen arm added. The entire bullpen has to be infected.
  17. I don't buy the argument that the Marlins have less value to Fox Sports because they already have the Rays deal. Tampa is a completely different market. This guy is claiming that the RSN is going to just ignore the #16 (Miami-Ft. Lauderdale) and #36 (Palm Beach) markets in the country because they already have a team in another part of the state locked into a deal. It's like saying an RSN in Pennsylvania would be OK not having the rights to Pirates games because they already have the Phillies deal. It's nonsense. The 2 markets are completely different and both are valuable.
  18. I have to imagine this is a minor league deal, so I think they will only need 1 spot for now.
  19. Cishek, Kintzler, Hudson, and Will Harris seem like the best available RP on the market that have closing experience.
  20. I'm not entirely sure that they traded for Villar just to flip him at the deadline. While that is certainly a possibility, if Villar turns in another season like he did last year, he's young enough for the Marlins to want to extend at some point. Another possibility would be to keep him the year, give him the qualifying offer, and then collect a draft pick if he signs elsewhere. Either way they decide to go, they still should end up with more than they gave up.
  21. Urena is the scheduled starter tomorrow. I wonder if there is a trade close? Or could be an injury to someone else on the staff.
  22. Yeah there was a similar article last year. I don’t know much about Denbo. Maybe he’s just a jerk that wants to be surrounded by “yes men”. Ultimately, he’ll be judged on how much talent he can bring in and if they win. However, like I said, the entire article feels like piling on when the team is down. There’s paragraph after paragraph of former employees saying why he’s terrible and then towards the end it says that this year has been a kinder, gentler Denbo and gives an example from an employee that was a holdover from the past regime.
  23. Basically says a lot of former employees found him difficult to work with, he doesn’t like to be told he’s wrong, has high standards, and that he has a short fuse. Basically blames a blowup he had in Greensboro about their bat dogs for why they are no longer a Marlins affiliate. He claims he was angry that the dogs were too close to the players food...the Greensboro owner says he wanted the dogs removed. After many words about how bad a person he is, the article did say he’s been better this year with more of his own people. Overall it paints a pretty poor picture of him as a leader. But it also kind of feels like people piling on, given the Marlins current situation and a lot of it is based on former employees opinions.
  24. A reliever or 2 definitely have to be added. Serio Romo, Bud Norris, Adam Warren, and Ryan Madson make sense. Perhaps even taking a flier on AJ Ramos on a minor league deal. Also, with Brinson, Dean, Cooper, Sierra, and Granderson, and Rosell Herrera the only OFs in camp with MLB experience (not counting Anderson), I would think signing another OF to at least a minor league deal would be wise. There are still a bunch of useful OF out there and the Marlins should have some money to spend. Adam Jones, CarGo, Span, Parra, and Melky Cabrera all make sense.
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