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  1. Urena is the scheduled starter tomorrow. I wonder if there is a trade close? Or could be an injury to someone else on the staff.
  2. Yeah there was a similar article last year. I don’t know much about Denbo. Maybe he’s just a jerk that wants to be surrounded by “yes men”. Ultimately, he’ll be judged on how much talent he can bring in and if they win. However, like I said, the entire article feels like piling on when the team is down. There’s paragraph after paragraph of former employees saying why he’s terrible and then towards the end it says that this year has been a kinder, gentler Denbo and gives an example from an employee that was a holdover from the past regime.
  3. Basically says a lot of former employees found him difficult to work with, he doesn’t like to be told he’s wrong, has high standards, and that he has a short fuse. Basically blames a blowup he had in Greensboro about their bat dogs for why they are no longer a Marlins affiliate. He claims he was angry that the dogs were too close to the players food...the Greensboro owner says he wanted the dogs removed. After many words about how bad a person he is, the article did say he’s been better this year with more of his own people. Overall it paints a pretty poor picture of him as a leader. But it also kind of feels like people piling on, given the Marlins current situation and a lot of it is based on former employees opinions.
  4. A reliever or 2 definitely have to be added. Serio Romo, Bud Norris, Adam Warren, and Ryan Madson make sense. Perhaps even taking a flier on AJ Ramos on a minor league deal. Also, with Brinson, Dean, Cooper, Sierra, and Granderson, and Rosell Herrera the only OFs in camp with MLB experience (not counting Anderson), I would think signing another OF to at least a minor league deal would be wise. There are still a bunch of useful OF out there and the Marlins should have some money to spend. Adam Jones, CarGo, Span, Parra, and Melky Cabrera all make sense.
  5. Bit of a weird move with Isaac Galloway and Jeff Brigham on the 40 man roster. I assume there is a trade market for Wittgren...maybe even in a JT trade?
  6. Why would he need to stay on the Marlins 25 man roster if he was a Rule 5 pick last year?
  7. Renderings of what will replace the statue and the new standing area in RF from Sports Business Daily.
  8. Not really sure how any of this works, but Lukas also said that there were some changes to the Marlins set last year that weren't included in the style guide and still made it onto the field, so perhaps what is included is not a fully developed concept.
  9. He owns an agency. Clients include Chapman and Vlad Jr.
  10. He’s likely up only because he’s on the 40 man roster and we have limited options due to all the injuries. I do wonder what happened with Elieser Hernandez...he pitched a few times in Jupiter on rehab but nothing in a while. Are they slow playing him because of his rule 5 status?
  11. I read Spencer's article and thought everything in it was fair. I didn't take any of it as the Marlins using Jose as an excuse. If anything the article is blaming Loria for ignoring the advice to rebuild last year when the situation certainly called for it and put the team in a bad spot financially...not Jose. The Hardballtalk article is just another easy shot to take at the organization.
  12. Not everyone of value has to be traded this off season. Given the amount of 2nd baseman on the market, waiting until the deadline isn't a terrible idea.
  13. I'd say Garrett Cooper as of right now.
  14. Not sure how this can be interpreted as Jeter “blaming” Stanton. They seem to agree that the organization was broken and needed to be fixed. Stanton just didn’t want to go through the rebuild and he said as much back in October. It just is what it is.
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