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  1. I'd like to see a Willis blow-out wtih Aguila subbing for Cabrera in the 7th.
  2. Never against Encarnacion, I remain confident in his contribution. But, this stuff with being pulled in the 2nd inning because his wrist hurt... I think we have to be prepared for continuing annoying injuries. And, I think we are stretched right now. Niner can cover RF for Enc. And Jack is okay with that. Who covers for JP (who pouts if he doesn't play but, in fact, appears to need some time off to re-focus his game.) Aguila could cover CF if Jack would give him a chance. (And if Jack keeps him fresh. Fat chance.) (I wonder if Jack, in his retirement, will have nightmares about his misuse of Willingham, Dillon, Aguila and others. I hope so.) Anticipating immenent first-aid, I would bring up Andino as the MIF sub for Easley. (Easley can play around-the-horn and as an emergency OF' but only if there is potentially another 2B/SS back-up. Gonzo and Luis can be fragile.) I'd also like Dillon right now. Space? For openers, why not send Jorgy back down where he'll get a chance to play baseball? This stuff about the "September call-up" doesn't sit with me. When your August Bench is suspect, you re-fortify immediately. I've never liked Bobby Cox personally, but the reasons for his Braves success are evident. Unlike Jack, he knows how to use his Bench and develop players while keeping his Starters fresh.
  3. I'd love to see the following lineup today... JP Luis Cabs Delgado Enc LoDuca Lowell Gonzo Moehler :thumbup 908715[/snapback] You don't even know who on the team is injured? 908763[/snapback] You don't even know that Conine is not a leadoff hitter? 908770[/snapback] Again, you avoid my previous question to you. If, as I suggested, JP take a day off, and Luis and LoDuca are struggling on one leg... who would you have in the 1st spot? You slam me but offer no other suggestions. I will appreciate your suggestions.
  4. I'd love to see the following lineup today... JP Luis Cabs Delgado Enc LoDuca Lowell Gonzo Moehler :thumbup 908715[/snapback] You don't even know who on the team is injured?
  5. Lowell should not be hitting higher than 6th 908679[/snapback] In fact, I disagree. If Mikey is in the line-up, the 5th spot is fine. (with Cab's and JP out of the line-up, as I suggested.) I prefer Lowell on the bench for a few days. But, not with Cab's and JP out of the line-up today.
  6. WTF? Conine in the leadoff? That might be the silliest thing I have heard on here in a really long time. 908671[/snapback] Who, in your estimation has a better eye and a better sense of the game? (Assuming JP and Luis not in the line-up.) Maybe LoDuca but he's hurt and may not even be in the game. Best to think before you spout.
  7. Conine LF Easley 2B Delgado 1B Encarnacion RF Lowell 3B LoDuca/Treanor C Aguila CF Gonzo SS Moehler P
  8. LoDuca, short term, will play 2 games on, 1 off with Treanor. Easley is locked into 2B while Castillo heals. Regarding the need to keep Conine and Aguila fresh, let them start only on the days AJ, Josh and Dontrelle start. Roughly twice a week. Good insurance policy. Aguila can cover all 3 OF positions, Conine 1B and corner OF. Keep them fresh, Start them when we have power pitching. Twice a week, each. Together they cover 6 positions. Easy to get them each in twice a week. With solid pinch-hitters for late innings.
  9. Beckett just gets nastier. Beautiful! Now let's see what guts Jack has with the line-up. Cab's at 3B, Niner in LF for openers.
  10. Funny. All the times I've suggested moving Cab's to 3B "with Perry Hill's approval," no one has queried. IMO Perry Hill's decision of whether Cab's is ready for 3B is the only opinion I respect.
  11. Today, Thursday, Cab's at 3rd (with Perry Hill's approval). And Niner in left. (Delgado and LoDuca in.) Tomorrow, Cab's at 3rd, Aguila in right, Niner in left. (Delgado and LoDuca in.) Saturday, Lowell at 3rd, Cab's in left, Enc in right, Niner at 1st. (LoDuca in.) Sunday, same line-up but Enc in CF, Aguila in right, Delgado at first. (Treanor catches.) Monday, Opening Day line-up.
  12. Here, Here! I've been pleading this for months. We'll see... but Jack's reported statements indicate a grasp of reality, albeit belated. I liked your "what if" reference to Willingham and Dillon. Treanor and Aguila and Conine would not have gotten a chance if Jack wasn't forced by LoDuca and Enc's and Delgado's injuries. (not to mention Easley being ready to cover for Luis.) Lesson learned by Jack? We'll see.
  13. 73 hits on this posting today. 2 replies. One very positive, one quite negative. No one in between?
  14. Hard for me to believe Easley is hitting only around 236. Seems to me like he hits successfully more often than that. Guess I'm just an Easley fan and remember his important hits. Half-way through yesterday's game, I started wondering how many put-outs and assists Easley had. He handled a lot. Bottom-Line: It was good we had a competent fielder to give Luis a day off. And good for Jack for giving post-DL Delgado a break in the 8th and putting Conine at 1B. That helped Delgado and Conine. Now I'm anxious to see if Jack will keep Aguila fresh. Day off today is good, but it's going to be a tough stretch to the Play-Offs and Cabs and JP could benefit from an occasional day-off. And Aguila can cover for them. Jack, please keep Easley, Conine and Aguila fresh. And it might be a psychological break for Cabs to play a couple of games at 3B. (If Perry Hill has confidence in him at 3rd.) GO MARLINS. YOU CAN DO IT.
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