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  1. At this point keep rooting for SD....they are closer to us in the standings.
  2. Good series from our bullpen and our lineup as an entire unit. The general lack of experience against Olsen and Nolasco benefitted us big-time, but it was nice to see Dontrelle rebound. To me, that was the biggest game. It will be very interesting to see if Dontrelle can *finally* have a good performance in SF in front of his family and friends.
  3. The amazing thing is Miggy is able to put just about any pitch in play. His last hit today was a nice fastball right on the hands and he drilled it into CF. He's staying back beautifully and just going with what the pitcher's are giving him. It's a thrill to watch his mastery at the plate.
  4. And at least for a few hours, the Marlins have successfully moved out of the National League cellar. Girardi has made a few tweaks to the lineup that are paying dividends. Sure, they passed the Pirates, the Nats and the Braves are next??
  5. Girardi's game management skills, including the use of the bullpen has improved quite a bit. It sure helps that the young arms in the BP are really starting to perform. IMO both Messenger and Kensing are performing much better than expected. It's great to have Martinez back as his stuff is just nasty. Bringing up Tank gives Girardi a true lefty specialist....and he utilized him well today against Helton. Borowski may be the closer for now. But I wouldn't be at all surprised to see one of the young arms take the role by the end of July.
  6. The guys are really putting things together now. The amazing plays are happening more often, and the mistakes are happening less. They are starting to do the little things at the plate, like Amezaga hitting a grounder to the right side to score an add-on run. Timely steals and sacrifice flies. I have great hopes they will now be able to get out of the NL East cellar....although the Nats are playing good as well. So we may just have to catch the Bravos intead.
  7. Every win this season should be celebrated. This was a monumental win for a group of young players. It should instill a level of confidence that they truly can compete at this level. The other interesting development is that Girardi went with a group of youngsters to secure the win. For once, Herges and Wellemeyer were not in the mix. Perhaps Girardi is on to something?
  8. Reggie is really finding his own. His OF defense is quite good as well. Who still wishes we traded for Gathright?
  9. The same as I thought the day we traded him.......we should have signed him long term.
  10. Why is he still on the team? It's time to cut him.
  11. He threw the ball well tonight and hit his spots. What more could you ask? It appeared Girardi has taken over calling the game in late innings.
  12. I don't mind Petit getting his feet wet in the pen. They may shadow him on Moehler's starts to see how he does.
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