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  1. hovertical

    Thor really hates Syracuse sounds rather whiny and in need of pampering
  2. hovertical

    Rays go cashless Seems pretty stupid to me - particularly for an organization that struggles with attendance and has to continually try and enhance the experience for folks.  What happens when the inevitable "system"...
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    Kitchen Sink

    I don't see the general forum listed anymore - so this shall have to do.  Any of you peeps use a granite composite kitchen sink on a regular basis?  Looking at options for the kitchen and wanted to switch from our dual basin to a single basin because i'm frickin' tired of not having large...
  4. hovertical

    Mini Piazza

    Sat next to Mike Piazza's nephew (also named Mike Piazza - currently an Angels prospect) on the plane ride into Phoenix yesterday.  When the stewardess found out who he was she asked if the elder Mike Piazza was still playing and he said, "uhh no, he's in the HOF now".  He's also one of those...
  5. hovertical

    Who's gone before Opening Day 2018?

    Guys who I believe the new group will jettison via shit trades to shed salary and will not be in uniform for the Fish on opening day: Ozuna Dietrich Gordon Yelich - I'm thinking he'll  be included in a deal to dump one of the horrid contracts they're saddled with. Prado - This won't hurt as...
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    I know the board isn't overly active these days but I was semi-surprised to not see anyone else posting that Betances didn't get suspended, or even fined, for plunking that dude on the dome.  All things considered, I went back and watched an archived feed of that game and there's no way that...
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    8/5 Marlins at Braves

  8. hovertical

    8/4 Marlins at Braves

  9. hovertical

    8/2 Natinals vs. Marlins

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    Steve Bartman gets a WS ring

    I didn't see this posted anywhere. I do believe this was a helluva classy move by the Cubs org.
  11. hovertical

    Second Half Predictions?

    Who will regress? Who will get hot? Will Bour continue to mash lefties? Will there be a rebuild (based on trade deadline moves)?  And who? Final record? When will Stanton have his usual season-ending injury? (I kid....hopefully)
  12. hovertical

    Topps 2017/2016

    Picked up a box of 2017 Topps yesterday.  They've added social media account handles to the player cards this year - kinda interesting.  The cards themselves seem to be a thinner stock though than last years and they got lazy with some of the insert sets as the Father's Day and Mother's Day sets...
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    Tivo user?

    We're finally getting out from under our last Directv contract in a couple months and are considering our options.  We're not going to be the "cut the cord" folks so that's out of the question - we're basically stuck with choosing either Cox or investing in a Tivo set up (while still using Cox...
  14. hovertical

    Cashner to Rangers best part of the article is that he stated he would only consider returning the Marlins if they ditched their beard policy. (for the record I didnt want him back but clearly something as small...
  15. hovertical

    2nd TJ for Eovaldi dual surgeries...glad we didn't get this guy back at the deadline
  16. hovertical

    Prado Memorial Day Jersey

    I mentioned it in some other thread a few weeks back but I finally received the Prado game used jersey and hat from the Memorial Day game.  Someone had asked I post some pics so here's a couple.  It stinks to high heaven and it's glorious.  I will cuddle with it every night.  Picked up both for...
  17. hovertical

    Stanton trying new bats so the headline on there is saying that he still can't swing without pain in his hand.  The article itself has Stanton saying that so far it doesn't hurt - but does that mean the new bat is...
  18. hovertical

    MLB players as Star Wars Characters Loria made the list lol
  19. hovertical

    Pledge Packs

    I haven't heard them announce who the autograph will be from this year.  Have they just not announced or it was it something I missed? I'd go apeshit if it was Ichiro (yeah right, too much $$$).  I'm expecting this year will probably have Dee signing the balls.
  20. hovertical

    Samson is on Survivor

    I didn't see this on here anywhere else so I figure I'll post a link up.... the jokes are just too easy to make here....

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