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  1. Das Texan

    Upgrades to the Jupiter complex Sounds like true to form, Loria refused to actually spend money on upgrades to the Jupiter facility. From the sounds of this...
  2. Das Texan

    Marlin Thoughts

    So earlier Joe posted videos of Bleday, Chisholm and Encarnacion in the batting cages. Thoughts just on those videos alone: Bleday has such a sweet lovely swing and makes amazing contact. If he stays healthy, he should be a quality major leaguer Chisholm's swing is god awfu and scares the...
  3. Das Texan

    Some good news: Coach Johnson is a Hall of Famer

    Congrats Coach! So well deserved! It looked like Troy wanted to break down up in the booth also (and probably did).
  4. Das Texan

    Gerit Cole breaks the bank.

    9 years/324 million to the Yankees. Yankees finally back to being the Yankees.
  5. Das Texan

    Most Annoying Holiday Ads

    Is it just me or are the GMC holiday commericals beyond aggravating?
  6. Das Texan

    Fishies @ Cardinals

    Tonight.  Game 1 @ Busch. I hope my Cardinals dont suck!
  7. Das Texan

    4/21 Nats at Fish

  8. Das Texan

    April 20 - Nats at Fish

  9. Das Texan

    April 19 - Nats at Fish

    Here you go.
  10. Das Texan

    Teams in Trouble/Surprise Teams

    Ok folks. What team(s) do you think could be in trouble heading into 2019? What team(s) do you think will surprise in 2019? I think the Indians are in trouble.  Their outfield situation is a disaster.  Their bullpen is just as much a disaster.  I"m not really ready to anoit the Twins yet...
  11. Das Texan

    Padres back to brown and gold

    Starting in 2020.  Concepts coming soon. Thank fucking God.  
  12. Das Texan

    A's New Ballpark Looks like its off the chain.  Sexy ass park.  Great idea for the Colosseum.  Captive audience once the Raiders leave (well really now).   I like it.  Portland is working on the final stages of their ballpark too. If that Tampa...
  13. Das Texan

    Powder "Victory" Blues

    Yeah baby! I nutted.  
  14. Das Texan

    8/6 Cardinals @ Fishies

    Luke Weaver on the bump for the Cardinals v Wei Yen Chen on the bump for the Fishies This may be an ugly game, tbh. Two awful pitchers.  Maybe we send down Weaver for the Ross acquisition, cause well Weaver is generally bad.  :lol
  15. Das Texan


    At least the Marlins are idiotic morons like the Rays with starting Romo tomorrow. Now if they start Ziegler.....
  16. Das Texan

    Part IV Project Wolverine: Jeter proves he hasnt gone to Business 101 :lol
  17. Das Texan

    Bigger Beta

    Let's take a poll folks.
  18. Das Texan


    Anyone miss Loria yet?
  19. Das Texan

    Tomas Telis

    Who around here said he could hit Major League pitching? I forget. He sucks with the glove and he sucks with the bat. Classic AAAA player. Like I said when they acquired him, though nobody wanted to believe me. *pats self on back*
  20. Das Texan

    4 July Fishies @ Redbirds

    Happy Independence Day yall! Fishes going for another loss to the BFIB? 'Merica!!!!!

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