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  1. Bret Hart

    Fish claim Jesus Aguilar

  2. Bret Hart

    Phillies hire Joe Girardi

    It takes 13 years to return to NL east.
  3. Bret Hart

    Red Sox fire Dave Dombrowski

  4. Bret Hart

    Warner announced Next Batman actor for rebooting

    Robert Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne in Warner's new Batman movie. Are you satisfied with?
  5. Bret Hart

    Class of 2019 MLB Hall of Fame announced

    MO wins it unanimously. 
  6. Bret Hart

    Anderson finishes 4th for ROTY

    Not unanimously, but Acuna wins it, as everyone expected. 2 MIA and 2 CIN writers voted.
  7. Bret Hart

    Henry Cavill will leave Warner' DC Universe

    It looks smart move by Henry Cavill. There is no reason to remain the wrecked ship.
  8. Bret Hart

    Despaigne trade to Angels

    [No message]
  9. Bret Hart

    Realmuto was selected at 2018 All Star Game

    Realmuto is One and Only Fish. And Congrat for his first selection.
  10. Bret Hart

    LBJ to Lakers

    I think it's not over yet. 
  11. Bret Hart

    Ohtani got Grade 2 UCL

    Before Ohtani and Angels signed, there was a Grade 1 UCL on his right elbow. 3 months later, it became a Grade 2, so he has to follow Chen's path now. 
  12. Bret Hart

    Hanley Ramirez DFAd

    I can guarantee no team will not claim him, so H2R will be released and become FA. (Remaining Contract : 22M(`18), 22M(vesting option)(`19))
  13. Bret Hart

    Ichiro to move FO

    Now he was gone both 40-man and 25-man roster at Mariners. As a player, I think Ichiro's MLB era was done, at least. But he will try to extend his career in Japan next year.
  14. Bret Hart

    Infinity War / Endgame [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

    If you decide to go to a theater, I highly recommend you watch it as soon as possible, cause of spoiler leakage. I can't wait to see Avengers 4 next year. Please enjoy this.
  15. Bret Hart

    Reds fire manager

    A pitching coach was gone, too. I think they don't want to pick the 1st draft pick, not like Fish.
  16. Bret Hart

    Dbacks invite BK, former Marlin.

    For their 20th Anniversary. BK "Byung-hyun Kim" was famous for the dominant closer as a Dback. He said, I just invited for the cerebration and takes the first-pitch ceremony tonight's Dodgers @ Dbacks matchup. (Dodgers SP named Hyun-jin Ryu, a Korean. I think BK will meet him, too.) I cannot...
  17. Bret Hart

    Astros extend Jose Altuve

    A 5y / 151M deal starts in 2020, covering 30 to 34-age After three consecutive 100+ losing season, he got the Ring, MVP plaque and Big Money. Congratulation.  Maybe Brinson, too?
  18. Bret Hart

    Aaron Boone named Yankees' manager

    A former Marlin became the manager. Congratulation. Btw, he didn't have any managing or coaching experience both minor and major. An Interesting decision by Yankees.
  19. Bret Hart

    Fish acquire Cooper and Smith; King and money to Yankees

    As a former 12-round draftee of 2016, 22-years-old, RHP King wasn't list on Fish top 30 prospect. Now 40-man roster is 36.
  20. Bret Hart

    Justice League

    I don't know what can I say. 1. It's too soon for DC united movie.  2. If you're a Batman-favorite, DO NOT WATCH IT. 3. It's not a Zack Snyder's fault, Wanner Bros and DC screwed 4. Thor : Ragnarok was better than this, I can guarantee it.

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