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  1. marlins_09

    Matt Joyce signed

    The longer these trades take to be completed, the more I tend to think one of these involves Urena.
  2. marlins_09

    Marlins Sign Brandon Kintzler

    I know what you’re trying to say, but they didn’t overpay for Kintzler. They paid him market value. I believe what you’re trying to say is they didn’t simply settle for the cheaper option. They went and got the guy they thought was a better fit.
  3. marlins_09

    Marlins Sign Brandon Kintzler

    He’ll get traded for some kid in rookie ball #CheapJeter /s
  4. marlins_09

    Fish interested in Strop

    Miami is his best chance to be a closer again.The Brewers have Hader, and the Rangers have Leclerc. It would be in both Strop’s and Miami’s best interest if he regains his past form and racks up some saves in the process.
  5. marlins_09

    Tarpley acquired for Nelson and cash

    Even if you think Moran is better (which I don’t), Tarpley is 4 years younger and has a higher ceiling. I’ll take that side of the flip all day
  6. marlins_09

    Marlin Thoughts

    I have to disagree on Jazz. Not saying he has the most compact swing in the universe, but he’s way shorter to the ball than most make it seem. The long, over exaggerated release makes it seem way longer than it actually is. That part has absolutely zero impact on his results - see Javy Baez. His...
  7. marlins_09

    Austin Dean designated for assignment

    Bad day to be named Austin
  8. marlins_09

    Starting rotation drawing tons of interest

    Sure. Again, my original statement was if they receive an offer with any real value, they should snag it and move on. I’m not saying dump him if the offer has nothing of real substance.
  9. marlins_09

    Starting rotation drawing tons of interest

    I guess our difference here is how we view Urena. I view him as a completely replaceable AAAA starter, with limited upside even in a move to the pen. I’m not saying to trade him just to trade him, but I’d be all over the first offer that has decent value.
  10. marlins_09

    Starting rotation drawing tons of interest

    Why not? I wouldn’t hesitate to trade Urena if we get a decent offer. Who cares what our rotation looks like for the first few months of a non-contending year? If you get an offer that you like for Urena, you take it and figure out the rotation from there.
  11. marlins_09

    Miami Herald: Marlins Free Agency Notes

    Unless he’s told them he’s only willing to sign a 3 year deal in Miami. Then, he essentially would be a stop gap given our timeline
  12. marlins_09

    Marlins believed to have interest in Castellanos

    See, I don’t really view them as interchangeable. Ozuna would be playing his natural position. He’s an above avg LF’er, and he can play RF and CF in a pinch. Castellanos you’re simply buying a bat, and hoping he can improve as a RF’er to become somewhat competent out there. If I’m an AL team, I...
  13. marlins_09

    Marlins believed to have interest in Castellanos

    I agree with you on most of this. If Castellanos was a natural OF’er, I’d feel much more confident in the moving guys around approach. But moving Jesus out of RF to hide a bat in RF seems off. I’d much rather have Ozuna who is a natural LF’er and we can plug and play. If he gets a day off or...
  14. marlins_09

    Marlins believed to have interest in Castellanos

    I’m a bit skeptical on how Castellanos would fit in here in the next 3-4 years. Jesus Sanchez looks like an ideal RF’er, and should be ready by mid-2020. We also have Bleday who in should be ready by 2021 or 2022. Both of these profile naturally in RF. Our biggest future weakness actually looks...
  15. marlins_09

    2020 Marlins: The Future as we know it?

    I agree with pretty much everything here, except Jesus Sanchez so low. I really think this kid is going to be a top of the order hitter for us for years to come. He has the hit tool that many of our other prospect don’t have, and as we begin to become more familiar with him as a prospect I think...
  16. marlins_09

    Marlins Trade Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm

    How many sub 700ops players have made the  AS roster? 
  17. marlins_09

    Marlins Trade Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm

    The rate of developing prospects to major leaguers is very low. It’s a numbers game and volume approach. If you’re going to take a chance on a prospect (or four), you might as well take a chance on guys who have the tools to become impact players, rather than those whose ceiling is that of a...
  18. marlins_09

    Trade Deadline Suggestions

    Might want to check the reds situation at the moment. Not to mention that they are all in.  I’m not proposing that we get a top 100 prospect for him, we are talking about a guy that doesn’t even crack their top 20. They just signed Ryan Lavarnway for god sakes 
  19. marlins_09

    Trade Deadline Suggestions

    I’d call the reds and offer them Bryan Holaday for a couple of mid level prospects. An under the radar guy for them is Joel Kuhnel. 

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