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  1. Biscayne Bay Brew Hall

    Love this! Team will probably still stink, but this is cool. A special Marlins beer will also be made available at the stadium and other locations throughout S. FLA 👀...
  2. Marlins now in 'buy mode' for Winter Meetings

    Is Gio Gonzalez still a free agent? Hometown kid. He wouldn’t be bad as a bad end rotation arm or a long reliever. Puig I’ll take as well.
  3. Marlins could lose two affiliates

    So if this happens, the Marlins will only have - Wichita (AAA) - Jacksonville (AA) - Jupiter (A) Is that correct?
  4. Pat Williams pushing to bring MLB to Orlando

    Move the Rays to Orlando and call it a day. Good compromise for everyone. Orlando just needs to have an MLB facility ready.
  5. Really neat marlins shirt

    I’d buy that. 
  6. Proposed new start times

    The only thing I’m really against is earlier start times on Saturdays. I do selfishly like later saturday games. Tbh I don’t really care about the weeknights. Whatever works. But yea we’ll see how it works. I want to be open minded, too. 
  7. Proposed new start times

    I agree with earlier start times for Mon-Thur home games, but I love 7:10 Saturday Night Baseball. I would HATE 4 PM start times on the regular. 
  8. Proposed new start times

    I think Saturday games need to be 7-7:30 start time for the promotional giveaways. I work Saturdays (I’m in hospitality) and I am gunna do my best to get the Brian Anderson bobblehead that game cause it’s at 6:10. Saturdays I typically get off between 4-5 depending and I work off Atlantic Blvd...
  9. MLB the Show 19

    Thank you for this btw... I wonder if Fish Stripes updated this after the deadline haha
  10. 2020 Marlins: The Future as we know it?

    I’m gunna say between 2021-2023 for making the playoffs. I’m being a little conservative with my estimate, but what is not debatable is the Marlins have a lot of good talent in the minors and I’m sure next year will be very fun with a lot of new young guys. Top 5 farm ftw 
  11. 2020 Marlins: The Future as we know it?

    Sandy was just our All-Star rep I can’t do that. At least not yet lol
  12. 2020 Marlins: The Future as we know it?

    The Miami Marlins now have a legitimate top 5 farm system according to some baseball insiders. It’s time to think about the 2020 Marlins and what they will look like. In my opinion, the future could very well be next year for the Marlins. They will probably have a new manager. It is the last...
  13. Marlins Trade Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm

    I’m sitting at Marlins Park rn and I just hope Zack Gallen turns into a Kevin Gregg type pitcher, so the Marlins win the trade. I mean, this SS guy was D Backs best prospect before season, still a MLB top 100 prospect, and 2 years younger than Gallen. But damn, Marlins never cease to surprise me 😂 
  14. Andre Dawson & Tony Perez still not over it, may not attend 2020 HOF Ceremony

    Lmao I have a teal Dawson throwback I could wear tn, but I feel like that would be in bad taste. 
  15. Dimelo, Miami

    The new uniforms are growing on me a little, but man I miss my teal. Maybe throwback weekends once a month would be cool? I’m not saying we should switch back at this point, but maybe Marlins should do a poll on all social media platforms to see what most of their fans like. I feel like if I...
  16. What do we do at the deadline

    Who should the Marlins be trading, if anybody, besides Castro? 
  17. WTF? MLB approves Rays to explore playing in BOTH Tampa and Montreal?

    Marlins fans should be rooting for the Rays to leave right? So it helps the new tv deal? 
  18. Who is going to be the Marlins 2019 All-Star?

    So we are less than a month away from the midsummer classic and I have no idea who the Marlins All-Star is going to be. I was going to say Smith before his injury. I’m thinking Alfaro, Richards, or Guerrero are possible candidates. Suggestions? I’m also trying to look at guys with significant...

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