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  1. CoastieMike

    Blue jerseys to remain exclusive to ST/BP

    I must be in the minority about the blue jerseys, I don't like them at all!
  2. CoastieMike

    Brad Boxberger invited to ST

    i like it.
  3. CoastieMike

    Fantasy Baseball!

    it says I'm not allowed to start a conversation with you 🤔
  4. CoastieMike

    MLB The Show 20

    Yes sir. Even Tebow made the cut.
  5. CoastieMike

    MLB The Show 20

    Full Minors from the start..... I just hope they are able to be edited
  6. CoastieMike

    Fantasy Baseball!

    I'm down! I think I played with you a few years ago
  7. CoastieMike

    Opening Day Roster/Lineup

    I'm not sold on Isan starting right away, I'd like Villar at 2B, Andy at 3rd. OF is a crap shoot.
  8. CoastieMike

    FanFest on February 8

    what's the parking situation for FanFest? Anywhere I can claim or buy a garage ticket?
  9. CoastieMike

    Estrella Jalisco Party Pass

    So I called the box office and I guess they do “sell out” as in a company will put a certain amount of tickets on hold. The tix rep was able to get the amount of tickets I needed released. Only attendees with the party pass ticket can get into the Estrella Jalisco.  Ill let you guys know how...
  10. CoastieMike

    Estrella Jalisco Party Pass

    Can anybody go into the autonation/estrella section with a ticket? or does it have to specify the party pass. Went to get tickets today in that area to join some friends and it appears they are all sold out. but Comunidad section has seats, was wondering if I can just walk in to the other.
  11. CoastieMike

    pablo vs the rox 3/30

    The Marlins are in the WIN COLUMN!!!!!
  12. CoastieMike

    pablo vs the rox 3/30

    Ohh bust down Thotiana
  13. CoastieMike

    pablo vs the rox 3/30

    Is this the celebration I'm noticing from the guys?
  14. CoastieMike

    Out of the Park Baseball 19

    is there a link? i still see it for $39.99 I see an OOTP 19 and 20, im confused. 
  15. CoastieMike

    pablo vs the rox 3/30

    Lehgo Mahlens didnt work Vamos Pescados didnt work Lets try #FuckJeter? All the kewl kids be doing it
  16. CoastieMike

    MLB the Show 19

    My DD, The Hialeah Flamingos, are off to a rough start, 1-9. My uniforms though are pretty legit, I'll post a pic later. But i am 2-0 in the under 80 OVR event going on. The power swing is too overpowered, pitcher misses a spot, boom HR. Too much BS and bush league though, I wish you can flag...
  17. CoastieMike

    3/29 Marlins vs Rockies Opening Week Game 2 at 7pm

    Vamos Pescados game 1 means nothing game 2 means nothing game 3 means ... game 162 ......
  18. CoastieMike

    MLB the Show 19

    sure, my psn in PumpdUpK1cks
  19. CoastieMike

    3/28 vs. Rockies - 4:10 p.m. Opening Day

    Lehgooo Maahlens
  20. CoastieMike

    MLB the Show 19

    hmm, i tried at 6 pm on monday before the release, was getting that message. 

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