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  1. Mish vs. Samson

    Two guys who do not like each other playing in the sandbox. Not sure I take either side.
  2. FanFest on February 8

    Hey, it is free, but they are still requesting that you get tickets from the website.
  3. Anyone here going to buy this jacket?

    Sounds like a wine review. A good balance of blueberry overtones and a slight scent of raspberry. Delicate but not too light.
  4. "We need to get better" - Mike Hill

    "ohh, it's true, it's true"
  5. Hensley Meulens could join coaching staff

    Won't help Brinson
  6. Howie Kendrick?

    5 yrs 125 million and extend Chen
  7. Heineman and Noesi outrighted to AAA

    Glad to see Heineman got kept. If he can duplicate his 2018 numbers, he is a good backup to have. Noesi-ehh.
  8. Powerful Alfaro has work to do behind the plate

    No way does Alfaro deserve to be in the same sentence with Brinson.
  9. What’s next? Four offseason questions as Marlins try to ‘turn the corner’

    To turn the corner? Well, at least this article did not indicate anything about letting Brinson play at this level or waiting for him to take the step. A legit team does not put him out there everyday and then pray. That will help turn the corner.
  10. The Athletic: Why do Marlins fans keep coming back?

    "Between good and bad, you've got to come" except if you don't like the manager, but the team really sucking does not count.  Strange reason because all around baseball I doubt very few people make their attendance choices based on the manager.
  11. Tim Wallach leaving team

    There goes the rebuild.
  12. 9/27 Marlins @ Eliminated Phillies

    And currently a below .500 team.  Not well done based on their expectations.  Will JT demand a trade?
  13. Free agent targets

    Not meaning to disparage Grandy for his professionalism and veteran leadership, but you must chuckle at his willingness to come back to the marlins, as if the offers for him will be rolling in otherwise.
  14. 9-25-2019 Marlins at Mars 7:10 PM

    Guess just because Dugger looks like Gallen does not make him as good.  
  15. Mish: Marlins owe it to the fans to upgrade the 2020 team

    It's really not the same.  Same basketball, same rim, same shooter, but first quarter free throws vs game on the line is very different. The team is letting him get a feel for it.  His stuff should play late in the game, but he throws too many pitches, gets in to so many full counts.  I feel...
  16. Mish: Marlins owe it to the fans to upgrade the 2020 team

    Mish knows the plan.  To push for some window dressing signings in 2020 just so losses are only 90 instead of 100 means nothing. I mean really, Mish, maybe we can get Cashner back, Rodney is still around but I think the Latos/Straily trains has left.  These are the deals that killed us.  Give...
  17. This team is a dumpster fire

    "Team is a dumpster fire".  And you only discovered this when?
  18. Sandy Alcantara Named Marlins All-Star Rep

    Notice how for as many people having non-stop fun ragging those who think that the Zac trade was a mistake, just as many were ragging that Sandy at his best would be a #3 and likely never be even that.   Regardless, Sandy has made all the big steps.  Heck, one for one for Ozuna may end up...
  19. Marlins/MLB Survey

    They need to make it fair.  The damn shark won almost all the time, except when they paid him off to lose a few.
  20. Marlins/MLB Survey

    THRILLHO, your comments are generally in agreement with me.  I have made comments and written the Marlins, through my rep, that some of the things they think the "S Florida fan" wants is just not correct.  The brass and drums sound like noise, not music, and just because it was present during...

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