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  1. 8/5 postgame

    How about Phelps... looked pretty good on a 70 pitch count. I could stand another start from him. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
  2. Looking to add on...

    Could Julio Teheran be a target?  
  3. bad news bear vs @ Pirates

    lets get some f***ing runs!~
  4. 5/21 Post Sweep

    There are 120 games left in the season. To put that in terms of a 9-inning game, we are in the top of the 3rd inning and an out hasn't even been recorded yet. No doubt this has been a painful homestand, but I think there is still plenty of time to turn this thing around. Go Flounders! 
  5. 5/18 Postgame

    My favorite quote of tommy's last night: manage the game however you want, you're gonna get fired anyway.
  6. Nick Masset DFA'd

    The team keeps making the right moves this year. Not surprised.
  7. 5/16 Post Game

    I know you're referring to the Tigers recent streak of division championships. But their last world series championship was 1984, and 4 total in their 110 year existence. Their historically bad 2003 season was fun, too.
  8. May 11th Marlins at Dodgers

  9. 5/6 Postgame

    ​I agree that it is frustrating, as a fan, to watch him flail at those sliders down and away. Watching from home, you can predict those pitches the instant the count goes to 2 strikes, and when he swings at em thinking "how could you not know that was coming?!". You are right, once he can lay...
  10. 5/6 Postgame

    Just wanted to add, Koehler giving Harper anything to hit in his 3rd at bat was kinda annoying... Was it hubris? Or stupidity?  I feel like he pitched his way to the bottom of the starting pitching totem pole with today's performance. And Stanton is good, BTW. Worth that ridiculous contract...
  11. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    Release the dolphins! HECH HECH HECH
  12. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    Giancarlo NOTNATS!
  13. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    nice scoop by Dee. That was quick! Way to go Salad.
  14. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

  15. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    i may be imagining this, but weren't people questioning Dee's D after we acquired him? he's looked better than anything we've had since infante (i miss his barehanded plays).
  16. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    answer: never, cuz baseball loves human error
  17. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    when is fox trax going to take over for the home plate umpire?
  18. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    its all good... go red wings
  19. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    you watching stream 1? switch to stream 2 and thats rich and conine
  20. 4/25 - Nationals @ Marlins

    someone mentioned stream 2 watch the other day... you can switch to the marlins tv broadcast there

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