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  1. Iowa

    Mish Bits

    Hoping for Villar in CF. Gives us our best offensive lineup
  2. Iowa

    Brad Boxberger invited to ST

    Berti can play 2b/ss.. villar can play every position... anderson can play 3rd. Plenty of 1B depth..
  3. Iowa

    Opening Day Roster/Lineup

    Does anyone think that Rule V pick Sharp will make the roster?
  4. Iowa

    Opening Day Roster/Lineup

    Killing time on a layover. This is what I'd like to see. What say you? LINEUP CF Villar (S) LF Dickerson (L) 3B Anderson 1B Aguilar RF Cooper C Alfaro 2B Diaz (L) SS Rojas BENCH C Cervelli IF Berti OF Joyce (L) OF Kemp OF Sierra (L) ROTATION SP Alcantara SP Smith (L) SP Lopez SP Yamamoto SP...
  5. Iowa

    Nick Senzel?

    Have read that the Reds may be shopping him. Do we have what it takes to get him? Would you be interested in going that route?
  6. Iowa

    Matt Joyce signed

    Cervelli, Joyce and Cooper potentially off the bench is pretty impressive for the Marlins
  7. Iowa

    Yasiel Puig?

    Holy hell I agree with Das. White Sox will finish better than the Indians this year. They had a great offseason and their young players are impressive as shit. I suspected the Twins would take a huge step back this year but adding Donaldson was a great move. They're going to crush baseball...
  8. Iowa

    Dean traded to Cardinals for Burgos

    Most Cardinal fans I know are gigantic douchebags
  9. Iowa

    Dean traded to Cardinals for Burgos

    Das being a Cardinal "fan" is the least surprising thing ever
  10. Iowa

    Marlins add Cook

    In all my years on this site, I never understood why Das posted here.
  11. Iowa

    The Marlins can be a playoff team in 2020

    Any chance villar starts in CF? Gives us our best lineup
  12. Iowa

    Marlins Sign Francisco Cervelli

    Good signing. You guys will like him. Can get hot and go on tears at times. Awesome attitude. Anyone complaining about a 2 mil contract is clearly a douche who has been trolling this site for years
  13. Iowa

    Yasiel Puig?

    Been a fan ever since I read the story about his journey from Cuba to America
  14. Iowa

    Marlins select Sterling Sharp in Rule 5 Draft

    Showing my age but he was a damn good receiver for the Packers
  15. Iowa

    Marlins interested in Eddie Rosario

    22 walks in 590 PAs last year
  16. Iowa

    Marlins now in 'buy mode' for Winter Meetings

    Seems like Dickerson...?
  17. Iowa

    Big trade possibilities

    Both. Have been able to watch him closely the last few years and think there is a higher level than what we've seen. Kid is a stud.. total class. Would be the face of our franchise
  18. Iowa

    Big trade possibilities

    I'd give my big toe for Kris Bryant
  19. Iowa

    Jonathan Villar acquired

    Eff defense. Sign ozuna and put him in CF

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