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  1. yxnarbo

    New details emerge about Astros cheating scandal

    Spot on, Silver Bullet. They reminded me of my daughter apologizing to her sister for hitting her, but only because she got caught.
  2. yxnarbo

    Brad Boxberger invited to ST

    Eddy Alvarez is ready.
  3. yxnarbo

    Farm ranked 9th at Baseball America

    Pretty sure it was Pipeline at one time. Not sure where we rank today, as the rankings are somewhat dynamic.
  4. yxnarbo

    Kemp getting work at 1B

    So we have Cooper, Aguilar, Kemp, and Diaz competing now for first. This is a great development for Kemp, at least. FanGraphs ZiPS projections for these four in 2020 (and keep in mind that ZiPS doesn't take into account playing time): Aguilar 104+, 1.2 WAR Cooper 98, 0.7 Kemp 95, -0.5 Diaz 83...
  5. yxnarbo

    Marlins watch Henderson Alvarez throw bullpen session this happening or what do you think?
  6. yxnarbo

    Marlins Pics

    I'm only allowed to use Getty Images on Marlin Maniac, but will definitely share pics with you if and when I get out to games. Will you also be in the market for minor league pics?
  7. yxnarbo

    New Marlins Website Based On An Analytic Approach!

    Extremely solid work. Nice job.
  8. yxnarbo

    PECOTA projects 71 wins

    That looks interesting, but I'm not paying for another baseball-only site.
  9. yxnarbo

    MLB plotting playoff expansion — with reality TV twist

    You got it, and thank you.
  10. yxnarbo

    MLB plotting playoff expansion — with reality TV twist

    I'm quoting this hot-take in a Marlin Maniac article.
  11. yxnarbo

    Matt Joyce signed

    Did you realize that this was the 70th comment on the thread?
  12. yxnarbo

    Fish Stripes: Past Spring Training Non-Roster Invites Quiz

    I got Marrero, both Alvarez’s, and Van Slyke.
  13. yxnarbo

    Quijada and Garcia DFA'd

    Good deal. <digital handshake>
  14. yxnarbo

    Quijada and Garcia DFA'd

    I'll take that bet. What are your terms?
  15. yxnarbo

    Quijada and Garcia DFA'd

    Yeah I understand that. And who knows.....Conley's been pretty good his last two even numbered seasons. Maybe a bounce-back year for him. Still. Jarlin Garcia.
  16. yxnarbo

    Quijada and Garcia DFA'd

    I don't know! Maybe they sidestep some archaic fees that I'm not aware of by sidestepping a conventional deal? I really don't know, but I also can't explain why they would get rid of Garcia, who led the Marlins in 2019 with a 1.105 WHIP and a 141 ERA+. I just don't get it when Conley remains on...
  17. yxnarbo

    Quijada and Garcia DFA'd

    Call me on my bullshit if this is just crazy talk, but could this be the completion of a backdoor trade with the Orioles? They're first on the waiver claim list, and we got Villar under similar mysterious circumstances. Could this just be an elaborate, preconceived, under-the-radar deal?
  18. yxnarbo

    Quijada and Garcia DFA'd

    DFAing Jarlin Garcia reminds me a lot of when they traded Nick Wittgren last year for less than nothing. Garcia was their best arm in the bullpen for crying out loud, and Conley is still on the roster? What am I not understanding here?
  19. yxnarbo

    Marlins Sign Brandon Kintzler

    No offense taken, really! All sarcasm aside, I love you guys here. I know this place runs on sarcasm and vitriol, but I just want to take a moment here to thank you for running such a great place for Marlins fans to complain and congratulate. There aren't enough of us as it is - and this is a...
  20. yxnarbo

    Marlins Sign Brandon Kintzler

    Yeah they're both major league deals. I don't know why I wrote that or how it got past the proofing stage. Thanks for the heads up, but would you consider dm'ing me next time you find a glaring error like that one?

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