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    Callaway could become Angels pitching coach

    Maybe this is what he was referring to:
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    Retired Numbers

    Other than #19, the only two numbers that make sense to retire would be #1 for Luis Castillo and #23 for Charles Johnson. Castillo was the only player to play at least 10 season for the Marlins and he holds a number of team batting records. Also Castillo along with Conine are the only players...
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    Retired Numbers

    If you are gonna retire Trammel's number, you might as well do Lou Whitaker as well.
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    Evan Gattis sorta retires

    How will we know when he is HOF eligible?
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    The Rebuild Series

    'stros strike first.
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    I was FishFanSince1995 on I just shortened it when I signed up here. BTW, 1995 was the year I was born so I could not have been a fan before that.
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    Milk with meat?

    Have any other random ancient threads you want to revive?
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    The Rebuild Series

    Every World Series should have a nickname. 2000 was the Subway Series. 2009 was the Liberty Series. If the Dodgers and Angels every played it would be the Freeway Series. So I dub this world series the Rebuild Series. Two teams who in the past 10 or so years went through painful rebuilds...
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    Retired Numbers

    I did this quiz on retired numbers. How is it that the Tigers have never retired Lou Whitaker's number? Also, if you could retire one number for the Marlins, what would it be? Link to the quiz: Sporcle Retired Numbers Quiz
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    MLB Umpire Eric Cooper passes away

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    Girardi is favorite to be named manager of Phillies

    He made $16 million on his last contract plus incentives. I think he is doing fine.
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    Marlins’ 40-man roster projection: Who stays and who goes among position players?

    You should have just put both under the same thread.
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    COD Modern Warfare

    I think the last COD I played was Black Ops 2. The only reason I got it was for zombies.
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    Mets may hire surprise "bombshell candidate" as manager

    I hope it's Mickey Callaway's twin brother.
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    Julian Fernandez returned to Colorado

    What if the item was fine, but you realized that you already had a ton of them?
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    Julian Fernandez returned to Colorado

    Who has to cover the handling cost?
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    Is SonOfJack still alive?

    Got proof?
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    Frisaro's Marlins FAQ: How will Miami keep improving?

    A lot of people look at the teams that have rebuilt in the last 10-15 years and rule that only the Royals, Cubs, and Astros were successful. However the playoffs are such a craps shoot that titles are not the best way to rule it. I mean if the Cubs and Astros had lost their game 7's in 2016-2017...
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    Postseason Picks

    My Astros vs Nats prediction is looking pretty good right now.
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    Postseason Picks

    The fact that he continues to wear the orange jersey says more about him maintaining his "brand" than caring for the Marlins.