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  1. QbanCastillo

    Alex Vesia - The Miami Marlins Best Bullpen Piece?

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  2. QbanCastillo

    Mish Bits

    Glad to see Berti is being given a chance. Really liked his hustle last year.
  3. QbanCastillo

    Mish vs. Samson

    That's when I started to really get into the team also. That team was so much fun. I remember there was a point when the whole infield had at least 20+ HRs. I think that's when the team had like 80 wins.
  4. QbanCastillo

    Harold Reynolds: "Marlins will win 80 games"

    I'm getting hyped already! Maybe not 75 or 80 wins, but the way this offseason has gone it can only go up from here!
  5. QbanCastillo

    Kyle Keller designated for assignment

    Angels picked him up and we got catching prospect Jose Estrada.
  6. QbanCastillo

    Anyone here going to buy this jacket?

    And now...the Marlins Man has his new uniform.
  7. QbanCastillo

    Anyone here going to buy this jacket?

    They overdid it a bit. Remove the NL and the M patch, and fix the button where the script is and it would look a lot better.
  8. QbanCastillo

    Rays sign Tsutsugo

    There goes another Lefty Bat the Marlins could have signed. Doesn't seem like the Marlins are willing to spend much money at all. They want discounts but they won't get any.
  9. QbanCastillo

    Rangers unveil new uniforms

    From what I read some of the players complained about the size of the Flag sleeve patch so they made these new ones smaller.
  10. QbanCastillo

    XFL uniforms revealed

    Vipers and Dragons look hideous. I'm really liking the Battlehawks helmet logo and the Guardians uniforms.
  11. QbanCastillo

    Howie Kendrick?

    Weirdest baseball card I've ever seen.
  12. QbanCastillo

    Out of town preview of mlb package

    Anybody else use MLB.TV and is having an issue like I am watching the Opening Day (3/28) game past the Top of the 1st? Won't let me see anything after that. Called them up and they said it's an issue with the archive. Apparently it's ONLY with the Marlins game. This blows.
  13. QbanCastillo

    ESPN article what it feels like to be a marlin

    There's a glitch in the matrix.
  14. QbanCastillo

    Spring Training games

  15. QbanCastillo

    Spring Training games

  16. QbanCastillo

    New Billy The Marlin

    Perhaps they're still there, inside the shoes...   or maybe he was just self-conscious, ok? Nothing wrong with a little extra work being done, after the nose job. He could have gotten a 2-for-1 special that day! Looking at that side-angle though I feel like the back head-fin looks a bit too big...
  17. QbanCastillo

    Marlins Park Renovation Updates

    I'm right here, buddy!
  18. QbanCastillo

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    What I like about these hats is that the M is fully stitched on the Secondary Logo and that the red pops a bit more as the outline. 
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