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  1. CoastieMike

    Whats up Jazz?

  2. CoastieMike

    Out of the Park baseball

    Anyone play the OOTP developments series? MLBTS satisfies most of my baseball fix, except for my biggest enjoyment, franchise mode. OOTP is so in depth in franchise mode, but lacks the gameplay aspect, basically all sim. Might have to give it a shot this year...
  3. CoastieMike

    Marlins youtube

    I've noticed over the last few weeks while browsing YouTube that most teams put out videos pretty often, whether its the MLB version of cribs (Red Sox did with JD Martinez), Gavin Lux playing hockey with LA Kings, or a mic'd up spring training the Pirates did with Kevin Newman. The Marlins...
  4. CoastieMike

    Estrella Jalisco Party Pass

    Can anybody go into the autonation/estrella section with a ticket? or does it have to specify the party pass. Went to get tickets today in that area to join some friends and it appears they are all sold out. but Comunidad section has seats, was wondering if I can just walk in to the other.
  5. CoastieMike

    5/17 Astros vs Marlins

    McCullers vs Urinal cakes. Does the torture continue?... Stay tuned to find out.
  6. CoastieMike

    Ball stuck to Yadi So pine tar?
  7. CoastieMike

    Former Marlins Video Coordinator is Loving the Porn Industry Saw Capozzi post this on twitter this morning. 
  8. CoastieMike

    MLBTS 17

    Tuesday cant come soon enough. As a huge franchise player I wasn't all that pleased with the additions to that, but the gameplay/graphic improvements and ball physics will offset it. Anybody else getting it?
  9. CoastieMike

    World Baseball Classic

    Anyone thinking about going? I'm trying to buy the ticket strip but on the website the marlins have linked I can't get anything to work
  10. CoastieMike

    Rangers prospects sexually assault teammates

    what the fu...........
  11. CoastieMike

    The "What are you listening to" thread

    Maybe this falls under movies, tv, and video games? Curious what everyone's listening to. We've got a wide age group amongst us and from all over. Always up for some good music.  I just discovered Gary Clark Jr., and wow! Has to be a child Hendrix never knew he had.
  12. CoastieMike

    7/21 post

    Fish take the series 3-1. TK threw a gem, offense was alive.  Itchy Row is 4 hits away.
  13. CoastieMike

    7/22 Mets vs Marlins

    Keep that momentum going, probably the biggest series of the season coming up. It's Adam day y'all! Conley vs Verrett lets show Collins how good our offense is.
  14. CoastieMike

    7/21 Marlins vs Phils

    Tommy day y'all. Koehler vs Eickhoff Take the series and start the 10 game homestand tomorrow.  Lehgo Mahlins
  15. CoastieMike

    7/16 Marlins vs Cards

    Koehler vs Wainwright, 7:15 start. Koehler against the cards the last 3 years, 14 runs and a 7.65 ERA in 16 innings. Woof. Doesnt mean shit though, first career win in STL comes tonight.
  16. CoastieMike

    7/15 Rojas pied

    Marlins win  Rojas is BAE
  17. CoastieMike

    7/15 Marlins vs Cards

    Here comes the greatest second half in Marlins franchise.  Lets continue that big momentum off the sweep, Big G's HRD win, and 4 All Stars. Chen vs Garcia, 8:15 start.
  18. CoastieMike

    Don't Feel Sad for Dontrelle

    Good B/R article, DTrain is still one of my favorite all time Marlins.
  19. CoastieMike

    Futures game

    Anyone else watching?  Alex Reyes is nasty. 101 mph. Phew.
  20. CoastieMike

    7/10 Reds vs Marlins

    It's Tommy day yall so if the Marlins win, they complete that sweep we have been been talking about 
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