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  1. Opening Day Postponed for At Least Two Weeks

    Stay home, you millennials + @Das Texan 😂
  2. Mookie Betts and David Price Traded to the Dodgers

    This feels like a big salary dump for Boston. Interesting deal, to be sure.
  3. Marlins partner with Fanatics

    Maybe 1800-GOT-JUNK?
  4. Marlins IFA Signing

    Polygamy is illegal.
  5. Hinch and Luhnow fired after being suspended by MLB

    Some of y’all are saying 8 draft picks lost. I saw first and second-round picks in 2020 and 2021. That sounds like 4 total picks. What am I missing?
  6. Aguilar and Marlins 250k apart

    Why are you researching grad students? I mean, they’re an interesting group of people, I guess...
  7. Marlins add Cook

    It was a vegan cook. They want some new algae recipes.
  8. Aguilar and Marlins 250k apart

    Curious: how often have we heard about this process actually negatively-affecting the relationship between player and team? I know the process seem far-from-ideal, but maybe something similar already happens in contract negotiations?
  9. Marlins get Dickerson, 2 years $17.5 million

    It literally kills you?
  10. Good News

    Puig Rodriguez? With an outfield assist from Jeff Canine.
  11. Pairs of Marlins

    Don’t forget @SonOfJack
  12. Game Thread: UM/FIU @ Marlins Park

    There’s like no way you’re not at least 58 years old 😅
  13. Big trade possibilities

    I doubt that package even gets the conversation started. Those are some of the best players in baseball, period. The conversation probably *starts* with Sixto Sanchez. If you tried a guy like Mookie, you MUST get the other team’s top prospect at a minimum.
  14. Marlins Daily Minor League Report for August 19, 2019

    Jorge Guzman with another excellent outing
  15. Marlins to host Mets in Puerto Rico in 2020

    Thanks for making me laugh! ❤️
  16. I really want the Marlins to strike a deal for Acuna Jr.

    Go home, you’re drunk
  17. Marlins Trade Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm

    I think Pablo Lopez is the best young MLB-ready starting pitcher. You also drew that very narrowly in what feels like an intent to serve your own point. Sixto is going to be ready sooner than you know it. Caleb isn’t super young, but he’s got plenty of prime left at 28. I like all 3 of them more...
  18. Marlins Daily Minor League Report for August 2-4

    Those young pitchers keep lighting it up!
  19. Marlins trade Nick Anderson and Trevor Richards

    OF: Jesus Sanchez..........Monte Harrison...................???? (JJ Bleday, Victor Victor Mesa, Connor Scott, and/or Kameron Misner hopefully eventually) IF: Brian Anderson.........Jazz Chisholm......Isan Diaz.......Lewin Diaz C : Jorge Alfaro Rotation: Sixto Sanchez; Caleb Smith; Pablo...
  20. Marlins Trade Zac Gallen for Jazz Chisholm

    I was just yesterday looking at Gallen's numbers. The strikeouts are GREAT, and obviously the ERA is terrific. But below the surface, there may be trouble lurking: Walks: 4.5/9 innings...this is alarming BABIP: .260; Line Drive %: 27%....this is not sustainable HR/FB: 8.3%...MLB average...
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