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  1. yxnarbo

    The Marlins can be a playoff team in 2020

    I wrote this late last night. It's a three slide article that outlines exactly how the Marlins can finish the 2020 season with 85 regular season wins. Let me know what you think.
  2. yxnarbo

    Marlins (Lack of) News

    Hey all. Just wanted to take a quick survey about my blog, Marlin Maniac. I've been publishing a lot of quality content (imo lol) lately, and the audience is building, slowly but surely. My question is this: In lieu of actual news - signings, game recaps, personnel moves - what other things...
  3. yxnarbo

    Top 50 Marlins - All-Time WAR

    Hey I wrote this as part one of a five-part series profiling the "Top 50 Marlins," in terms of WAR (offensive, defensive, and pitching WAR, combined, even for pitchers). I welcome any feedback. If you don't wanna click on through, here's the crib-notes version: 50. Omar Infante 49. Livan...
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