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  1. TheU

    Tomorrow's Orioles game will be closed to the public

    Can't believe no one has thought of this yet! THE WAVE!!!!
  2. TheU


    Now I can look up all of your irrelevant, nonsensical posts with even more speed. Thanks!
  3. TheU


    ​and proud of it.
  4. TheU


    Obvious brag post, Walansky.
  5. TheU

    4/19 Post Game

    I think everyone can agree with this. I mean, who doesnt want to be successful? amirite? It sucks being a fan sometimes. We are DEFINITELY the laughing stock of baseball. what with our home-run feature and lime green walls. Our awful attendance and fanbase (not us). But, this team can also...
  6. TheU


    I dont know if we have had a discussion topic on Showtime's Dexter before, but this forum is so slow, we probably haven't. I just got into the show and I am binge watching the fuck out of it. Im halfway through season 4 and I think I started a bit over a week ago. I really really like the way...
  7. TheU

    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Speaking of struckimmmmmmahhhhhhhhwwwuuuu.... where re is our fearless leader?!
  8. TheU

    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Sweet 3-1!!!! That's EXACTLY what I was talking about.
  9. TheU

    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Cmon Yelich, let's get something going here...
  10. TheU

    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    I don't know how to work the intrawebs... Apologies.
  11. TheU

    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    Hech of a play
  12. TheU

    Marlins @ Mets 4/16

    What's up motherbitches?!? Who's down for some fuckery)
  13. TheU

    4/15 Post Game

    ​who would have thunk it?!
  14. TheU

    Aaron Hernandez found GUILTY Wow, I mean, it is astonishing to me how hard it is for people to move on in life. Here is someone who had it all in life, and threw it away because of a lifestyle that is so difficult for so many to give up. It is a sad story...
  15. TheU

    Game of Thrones

    ​stop peddling your smut.
  16. TheU

    Game of Thrones

    I must be the only person in the world NOT watching this show...
  17. TheU

    WIRED article on Kimi Raikkonen

    Kimi Raikkonen is a driver for Scuderia Ferrari's F1 Team. He is considered one of the best drivers in Formula 1 today.
  18. TheU

    4/13 Post Game

    This team can be so hard to root for. For some inexplicable reason, we suck. We go out and make the right moves, bring in pitching and some much needed offensive help and yet, we still suck. It is the curse of Loria.
  19. TheU

    Andrelton SImmons is a BEAST!!!

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