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  1. JackRubysDog

    Justin Bour

    Is Bour now a lock at 1B? Just when you think his defense sucks he pulls off two grabs like last night, although there are still times he looks like a fan whom has accidentally wandered onto the field. I'm in favo(u)r of giving Bour the everyday 1B job, and forgetting platooning ideas not that...
  2. JackRubysDog

    8-23 Phillies @ Marlins

    Conley v Someone. Marlins with no bats, and 2-0 down.
  3. JackRubysDog

    8/15 Marlins @ Cards

    Brad Hand vs John Lackey McGehee is .333 v Lackey so will of course be driving in the runners as usual in the clean up spot he had nailed down. Gillespie is on a streak so will of course be benched for Ozuna. Dunn is fucking shit so will of course be brought in late to gift lefties XBHs.
  4. JackRubysDog

    Adam Conley called up by Miami Marlins

    Meh. Pitcher. Likes God, like our closers of late. Morris to DL.
  5. JackRubysDog

    Alvarez, Kelly, Mathis to 15DL; Capps, Realmuto & Brignac up.

    Frisario just tweeted.
  6. JackRubysDog

    Newbie here!

    Hi Fish Fans! I'm new to this place, only having joined in 2008! I'm English, but don't let put you off! I'm a freelance writer who's nearly 50! Yikes! My favourite (see - English!) player is Cody Ross, and my tip from the minors to be our next super star is Dallas McPherson! Please be nice...
  7. JackRubysDog

    Did we win or did we lose in the trades so far? Put your neck on the line.

    So, do you think we won or lost? LOST DeSclafani Wallach Heaney Hatcher Hernandez Barnes Jennings Flynn Redman Lucas Brantley Canha Olmos Furcal Gregg Johnson Penny GAINED Latos Gordon Haren Rojas Rienzo Crow McKirahan
  8. JackRubysDog

    International cricket killed after being hit by a ball

    You guys will not have heard, but one of Australia's leading cricket players (cricket is a baseball-like game that's a lot less fun to watch), Phil Hughes, has died after being struck in the head by a ball during a domestic game. The blow compressed an artery, which then split. Blood pulled in...
  9. JackRubysDog

    So, who's going to win the End of Season awards?

    Shame GS got smacked by that pitch as he was a shoo-in for NL MVP. Here are my tips: NL: MVP: Clayton Kershaw CY: Clayton Kershaw again, obviously ROY: Jacob deGrom MOY: Clint Hurdle AL: MVP: Mike Trout CY: Felix Hernandez ROY: Jose Abreu MOY: Buck Showalter Your picks?
  10. JackRubysDog

    9/20 Marlins-Nats 7:10 PM

    Zimmerman v Cosart. Game starts. Game ends. We lose 3-1 or something. Ozuna double scores Yelich for us. Werth 3-run shot for them. Bour goes 0-4. McGehee has one hit and two GDP. Hech hits a single and Tommy cums. Solano and Salty display usual suckiness.
  11. JackRubysDog

    Recommend some TV for me

    Hi guys, for those who don't know me I live in England. I like to watch a bit of TV, but English TV sucks. I mean, really sucks. I don't like Downton Abbey, and Doctor Who just ain't as good as it used to be. So, I have a VPN and, so I can watch all the (much, much...
  12. JackRubysDog

    On Netflix

    Two great documentaries I caught last night on Netflix: "The Battered Bastards of Baseball" which about the brief history of the Portland Mavericks, and "Catching Hell" about the Steve Bartman incident (and a bit about Bill Buckner) with some nice moment of Marlins action...
  13. JackRubysDog

    Disco back up, Dartmouth back down Cover for Alvarez, I guess, plus we don't need Lucas now our gold-glove MVP candidate is back playing SS every day.
  14. JackRubysDog

    The exact moment Tom Koehler learned the Marlins has re-signed Kevin Gregg
  15. JackRubysDog

    Er ... okay ... Make sure you read ... right ... to ... the ... bottom ...
  16. JackRubysDog

    5/10 - Marlins at Padres 8:40 PM

    Just settled down to watch the game over here. Then realised I'd got the time difference wrong so It's another hour yet. Damnation! So I thought I'd start the game thread. In an English style. if I'm allowed. Apologies and delete if not. The Padres of San Diego, California...
  17. JackRubysDog

    Die Season Die

    Here is my review of the 2013 season. GOOD: BAD: Everything else.
  18. JackRubysDog

    Get outta here!

    Anyone notice that in 2013, as soon as a Marlin hits a home run, they seem to end up on the DL? It happened to Hechavarria. It happened to Stanton. It happened to Mahoney. It didn't happen to Green - he just got DFAd instead. It happened to Solano. Doesn't apply to Ruggiano for some...
  19. JackRubysDog

    What If ...

    Heck, I was bored. I got to wondering what would be our 25 if certain 2012/13 trades didn't happen. So I picked what I thought it would be. Then I got to think how that 25 has faired so far this season against our current 25. So I compared AVG for hitters and ERA for arms. Then awarded...
  20. JackRubysDog

    A query

    Relative baseball-newbie here still learning the game. Can anyone tell me why, in the top of the ninth when Baker hit his double, why wasn't Bonifacio put on to pinch run, as Boni would be far more likely to score from second than Baker, Paulino was available to catch the bottom of the...
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