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  1. Mickey Mantis

    Crazy 8 Promotion legitimacy?

    Has anyone ever taken advantage of the Chevron/Marlins Wednesday Crazy 8 promotion? Just wondering how legit the promotion actually is and if the box office is a pain about redeeming tickets for it?  Thinking about using my gas station receipt from the other day on getting tickets for the...
  2. Mickey Mantis

    Marlins send Rea back to Padres

    Marlins pissed as fuck, sending Rea packing and back San Diego. Apparently we will be compensated with something else. Sent from my iPhone using mobile app
  3. Mickey Mantis

    What to do when Gordon comes back?

    So apparently Cliff Floyd stated on 790 recently that when Dee Gordon comes back from suspension, Derek Dietrich should still start over him considering the numbers he's putting up. Its going to be a tough decision considering how much money Dee Gordon is making to not play and we all know how...
  4. Mickey Mantis

    Marlins still have interest in Peavy...

    Per MLB Trade Rumors: I agree and only see this happening if Haren retires/traded.
  5. Mickey Mantis

    Just imagine...

    This has been going through my mind everyday since the All Star break but just imagine if Loria had actually opened up the check book a bit more and signed a guy like Jose Abreu to bat right behind Stanton...Jesus. And if we had a healthy Jose Fernandez, we would easily be one of the wild card...
  6. Mickey Mantis

    Another Puig Issue

    Apparently Puig once again showed up late to BP for their home opener and is being replaced by Matt Kemp. Man, this kids ego is bigger than the number he wears. Unreal.
  7. Mickey Mantis

    Some Impressive Personnel News

    This comes according to MLBTR. Pretty impressive if you ask me: Miami has not only lured "superscout" Jeff McAvoy away from the Rays, but sources tell Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports that the club will add Mike Berger from the Diamondbacks in a vice president role (Twitterlinks.) This...
  8. Mickey Mantis

    Zack Cox next?

    If Polanco is subsequently released, you guys think they'll call up Zack Cox and give him a shot at third with Lucas filling in every other day? I kinda wanna see what this kid has got. He's been putting up pretty decent numbers so far in AA.
  9. Mickey Mantis

    Tom Koehler

    Even though his sample size isn't really that much...what are your guys thoughts on Koehler so far? I always thought he had the stuff to be a decent/good third or fourth starter in a rotation. From the looks of it he has a plus fastball (93-96mph), 2 seamer (90-92mph), hard slider...
  10. Mickey Mantis

    Kevin Kouzmanoff?

    Um....where this nigga be at? But seriously, where is he? I checked the New Orleans roster and he's not on it. I don't remember hearing that we released him.
  11. Mickey Mantis

    Jeff Mathis activated off DL

    Not that it matters but I'd rather have him behind the plate than Olivo.
  12. Mickey Mantis


    Should we try to go after him? He'd be a nice addition to play at 3rd base.
  13. Mickey Mantis

    Next Manager should be....

    Figured I should start a thread asking who you guys would WANT as the next manager of the fish and why?
  14. Mickey Mantis


    We all knew this kid had the reputation that he could hit in the minors and that he was primarily a hitting-oriented catcher with average defense. Now, besides the fact that he can hit, what do you guys think of his overall ability at the position? I've been particularly really impressed on...
  15. Mickey Mantis

    8/7 Post Game

    Good win overall. Feeling bad for LeBlanc since hes not being credited for these wins but at least we're giving Zambrano his much deserved wins that are owed to him from Heath Bell.
  16. Mickey Mantis

    Why hasn't Nick Green been called up yet?

    Why the hell do they keep calling Donnie Murphy up when this guy is tearing it up in AAA? Is it the stupid clubhouse veteran argument? I mean, how much worse can it be to bring him up and send Murphy down?
  17. Mickey Mantis

    What the hell am I gonna do with this thing now?

    It is unfortunate but I can't have this on my wall anymore. Sad day for my wall. Fatheads are kinda childish but cool at the same time. They do have a Giancarlo Stanton one now on the website.
  18. Mickey Mantis

    Carlos Lee or Kevin Youkilis?

    Barring any unforeseen circumstances, if you had the choice of trading for a struggling Youkilis (at the time) or a 36 year old Carlos Lee, who would guys rather have at this point?...and please don't say neither. I'd like to get people's opinions on this.
  19. Mickey Mantis

    Marlon Byrd?

    I know it seems like someone always makes a thread about EVERY player that has been released but.....Boston just let him go and, to be honest, for good, do you guys think he would be worth a shot on signing and seeing what he could do? I mean, the man was a pretty good hitter not...
  20. Mickey Mantis

    Roof to be closed till October?

    MIAMI -- The hard-to-reach outfield fences at the Miami Marlins' new ballpark will remain that way. Some have argued the fences should be moved in because home runs are too difficult to hit, but Marlins president David Samson says the ballpark plays the way it was designed. "We have no...
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