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  1. taiwanmarlin

    Nicolino to Taiwan Couldn't to the South Korea or Japan …
  2. taiwanmarlin

    2020/21 MLB international draft !? Is it something done !?
  3. taiwanmarlin

    Five Marlins prospects in the 2020 MLB Pipeline Top 100 prospects list
  4. taiwanmarlin

    Antonetti Again Downplays Possibility Of Lindor Trade Congrats to the Tribe fans …
  5. taiwanmarlin

    Marlins Interested In Kim-Jae Hwan Just do it, Derek !!!
  6. taiwanmarlin

    Jesus Sanchez undergoes surgery Jesus Sanchez undergoes surgery.
  7. taiwanmarlin

    Howie Kendrick?

    Would this team go all in to sign Howie Kendrick ?
  8. taiwanmarlin

    Free agent targets

    I think it's the time to play this game !!!
  9. taiwanmarlin

    Michael Hill maybe removed from his position !!! "Perhaps of even more consequence, there are rumblings that Michael Hill will be removed from his position as President of Baseball Ops, a title he’s held since a being promoted from GM in 2013. Hill has...
  10. taiwanmarlin

    Trade for wins Yeah, just winning with a bunch of NOBODY …
  11. taiwanmarlin

    9/1 Fish at Nationals

    Smith vs. Corbin  Smith allowed three more HRs, maybe he's just not that good …
  12. taiwanmarlin

    Mark Canha Who's stupid enough to let him go through the rule 5 !?
  13. taiwanmarlin

    8/27 Reds at Marlins

    Smith vs. former Marlins Castillo 
  14. taiwanmarlin

    Predict the September call up

    Neidert, to make up the innings lost due to injury. 
  15. taiwanmarlin

    LoMo said something again "It sucks when you feel you can help a team win, but there are only eight teams out there truly trying to win,” Morrison told me earlier this week. “You look at rosters and know that...
  16. taiwanmarlin

    What to do with Isan ?

    His glove seems much worse than his bad bat …
  17. taiwanmarlin

    Have no Marlins in the NL East !? I even can't vote my team …
  18. taiwanmarlin

    8/3 Fish at Tampa Bay

    Hernandez vs. Castillo  Would we see Isan in this game !?
  19. taiwanmarlin

    Maybe we need the minor league game thread

    I'm watching the game of Jacksonville and Chisholm hits a RBI triple and followed by Diaz's two run homer !!!
  20. taiwanmarlin

    7/21 Fish @ Dodgers

    Jordan today !!!
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