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  1. GuitarPik

    Who gets the 3rd pick?

    If we finish with the same record as the Royals, who gets the 3rd pick?
  2. GuitarPik

    Why isn’t tonight’s game televised?

    I thought every game this year was supposed to be televised. 
  3. GuitarPik

    I’m a moron

    Wow I just watched the end of the replay from yesterday thinking it was live. And yes I watched yesterday’s game 🤦🏻‍♂️
  4. GuitarPik

    Off on a Friday?

    I can’t remember the last time if ever we didn’t play on a Friday. Anyone know why?
  5. GuitarPik

    What player would you put on a new jersey?

    So my mom got me the black authentic jersey for Christmas and I want to get a name and number put on it but I just cant decide what to do.  Im thinking to go with something first pick would be Conine I think but I’m just not sure how I feel about it. If I went current I’d prolly go...
  6. GuitarPik

    Jose tribute tattoo

    A couple of days after this happened I had an idea of getting some kind of tattoo to pay tribute  to Jose. After seeing the tat the Marlins barber got, I've pretty much settled on doing the same thing, possibly in a different color scheme.  Is anyone else planning on getting ink to pay tribute...
  7. GuitarPik

    Post Game 8/27

    Hmm, I've never done this before. But didn't see a thread already. I guess everyone is really bummed. :(
  8. GuitarPik

    Autographs at Marlins Park?

    Hey guys, was hoping someone could help shed some light on this for me... Back in the day when I had season tickets, my friends and I would go to most games and afterwards camp out at gate G to meet players and get autographs. We haven't done this in years and just got the urge to try...
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