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  1. chefbob

    Gaby Sanchez

    Just got word that I won a contest of his on Twitter to play Words with friends(scrabble). The best part is that I think our own Admin won as well. Let me know buddy. Havent been around here in awhile. Miss you guys.
  2. chefbob

    Erin Andrews

    She was a little uppity when I worked where she did in Tampa. Still think the whole thing sucks, but I did laugh a little inside.
  3. chefbob

    Obama apologizes to Nancy Reagan for 'careless' joke

    And- The origins of this thread were Obama and his Nancy Reagan comment. I thought it was funny and I really didn't think he should have to apologize for it, although he did feel the need to call her and beg forgiveness. When did we become so politically correct that a harmless joke...
  4. chefbob

    Conine to retire a Marlin

    And it's not like any of us will be making the trip to Cooperstown for his induction. If he is inducted...I will be. I'm about an hour and a half away!
  5. chefbob

    2008 Marlins Awards Dinner

    I'm kinda jealous...awesome pics!
  6. chefbob

    Favorite Beer*

    wow. This thread is from 2002 and still going. Amazing how long the topic of beer can go.
  7. chefbob

    McGwire trying to gather support into HOF

    whoever said something about pete rose is comparing apples and oranges. Anyways, let me help you all end this right now. Anyone that has been tested for a banned substance and failed should not be in the hall of fame. Anyone that is accused of using a banned substance but was never tested...
  8. chefbob

    Iowa TV Ad: "Chuck Norris Approved"

    Why? Because he is an actor who isn't a liberal? Reagan, the Terminator, etc....
  9. chefbob

    37th Baseball World Championship

    Yes that is a pretty good team we have right there. Unfortunately there isn't that much interest among baseball fans...well at least around here anyways... good luck to Italy!
  10. chefbob

    Happy Birthday chefbob

    it's going great so far, now I get to eat home-made mac and cheese! Thanks everyone.
  11. chefbob

    Manny Parra Perfect

    Manny Parra (1-1) pitched a perfect game in his second Triple-A start as Nashville defeated Round Rock, 3-0, at the Dell Diamond. Parra became the first individual pitcher in the Pacific Coast League to toss a perfect game since the Sounds' John Wasdin did so on April 7, 2003. It was the...
  12. chefbob

    Manny Parra Perfect

    can't be perfect, isn't there a fielding error? Round Rock had the error I believe
  13. chefbob

    Manny Parra Perfect

    Box no story yet...
  14. chefbob

    Does somthing need to be done with contracts in baseball?

    two words: salary cap. probably never going to happen, but I agree.
  15. chefbob

    Vote for on

    yeah, I was reading my SI and saw this. Everyone vote!
  16. chefbob on SI

    well everyone needs to vote on here! FishStripes is a good site and a bunch of good people but we have the most fans.
  17. chefbob

    Anybody Know Philly?

    I love Philly and the stadium is the best I have ever been to.
  18. chefbob

    Windows Vista

    Vista came pre-installed on my new notebook and it works fine for me. It takes some getting used to...At first it was difficult for me to find files I transferred over from my other computer, but now I understand how its set up. It's actually EASIER. There are some noticeable compatibility...
  19. chefbob

    Steve Finley

    I laughed at this....I saw Finley play in the minors. I'm an old 33.
  20. chefbob


    phone skins....this is for my razr
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