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  1. furcalchick

    Change the Playoff format?

    for the past few days, i've been hearing members of the media talk about changing the playoff formats because of the non-races this year, and i'm a bit hung on the issue. i'm just going to list the ones i heard and why they proposed them. 1. Keep playoffs as is. 2. Shorten the...
  2. furcalchick

    Brandon Morrow is a good pitcher

    he's doing very well through six innings against the rays. game is on sunsports. (why does this happen all the time to the rays? it's happened twice this year.)
  3. furcalchick

    Braves pull off 7 run ninth inning

    today, i was tracking the braves game on my computer, and saw that we were getting our butt kicked 8-1. bottom of the ninth starts at 9-3 reds, last i check, it's 9-5 reds. i check later and find out that the braves ended up winning the game 10-9, and brooks conrad got the big blow with a...
  4. furcalchick

    Dallas Braden is pitching well...

    through seven innings, dallas braden has not allowed a rays baserunner all day. 21 up and 21 down.
  5. furcalchick

    Ubaldo Jimenez is good...

    through eight and the braves are lacking in a very important category regarding offense... (not again!)
  6. furcalchick

    Jason Heyward hits 3 run homer in first ab

    jason heyward, probably the most hyped prospect in quite some time, hit a big three run blast in the bottom of the first in his first at bat off carlos zambrano, and it was a bomb. if you haven't seen the homer yet, it was gone the second it left the bat, and everyone knew it at the ted...
  7. furcalchick

    Bobby Cox to retire after 2010

    this just coming out from the espn wire: bobby cox is retiring after next season. i personally think bobby should be gone after this year. he has been a great manager, gave us that 14 year run and a world series, but he has lost it the past few years. he probably cost us the playoffs with the...
  8. furcalchick

    Astros Sack Cecil Cooper

    astros are now offically eliminated from the playoffs, and now they eliminated their manager. third base coach dave clark will take over as manager and could become the permanent manager next year. HOUSTON (AP)—The Houston Astros have fired manager Cecil Cooper. The Astros are 70-79 and...
  9. furcalchick

    Mike Hampton out until 2011

    just read that mike hampton will be missing the 2010 season due to left shoulder damage, including a torn rotator cuff. i'm kinda glad we (braves) didn't resign him after his awful contract was up after last year. i'm starting to think he was on steroids. HOUSTON...
  10. furcalchick

    Johan Santana out for the year

    johan santana is the latest to go down, as you probably know, he's not starting tomorrow, and there's a chance he won't pitch until 2011 if he has to get tommy john. Johan Santana(notes) and Jeff Francoeur(notes) are the latest Mets stars to be sidelined with injuries. Santana...
  11. furcalchick

    Yahoo Fantasy Football League looking for active owners

    a friend of mine is running a yahoo! fantasy football league and we are looking for four more teams before the live draft next sunday at 5:30 et. we are looking for active owners that will not quit if their team is too far behind. league id: 640685 password: eagles thanks!
  12. furcalchick

    Smoltz DFA'ed

    i'm shocked that nobody has posted this at all over the weekend, better late than never. after that horrendous start against the yankees on thursday where gave up 8 er in 3 1/3 innings in the bronx, he was dfa'ed by the sox. he was done before the year started, and this horrible year...
  13. furcalchick

    James Shields is a good pitcher

    through seven, shields have only allowed three baserunner, all on walks. game is on sun sports btw.
  14. furcalchick

    World Series Games To Start At 8 Et

    Major League Baseball is going to turn back the clock for the start of World Series games this season. The network said on Monday that weeknight games will begin at 7:57 p.m. ET. The start of Saturday night games could be even earlier, and Sunday games will continue to begin following the...
  15. furcalchick

    Mets lose again, collapsing?

    with 17 games left yesterday, the mets blew a 9th inning lead to lose the first game of the dh. and today, your new york mets are choking again, this time giving up 5 runs to the braves in the ninth and are now down 7-4, after being up 4-2 to start the inning. anyone else think we could be...
  16. furcalchick

    Skip Caray dead at 68...

    the past week or so has felt like a total nightmare for braves fans and now it's gotten worse. skip caray passed away today. i'm going to miss him alot, since me and millions of braves fans across america listened to him for years. i knew his health was in decline as of late, and i...
  17. furcalchick

    Hudson to have Tommy John Surgery

    looks like the marlins love to end braves pitching careers. they almost ended glavine's last year, smoltz's earlier this year, and now we're without hudson for at least a year. huddy is having ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction surgery and is probably done until 2010...
  18. furcalchick

    You have to be kidding me... i'm done with him.
  19. furcalchick

    MLB National TV ratings down

    So far this season, Fox?s ratings are down 16 percent, from a 2.5 to a 2.1, and ESPN?s ratings are down 13 percent, from a coverage area rating of 1.6 to a 1.4. And Turner, which is in the first year of its national Sunday afternoon package, has seen anemic numbers, with a coverage area rating...
  20. furcalchick

    Smoltz has season ending shoulder surgery

    i'm sure most of you saw monday when the marlins came back with 2 runs off john smoltz in the ninth for his first blown save against the marlins. many braves fans saw that he was in pain the entire inning and the shoulder was still hurting him, despite the new arm angle and everything...
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