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  1. Edmeister

    8/8 Post game

    Crazy game. But ultimately this was blown by the bullpen.  Not going to pin this on Cashner, game should have been over with a 4 run lead. 
  2. Edmeister

    Post Game 8/3

    Is this the downfall? 
  3. Edmeister

    7/30 Post Cardinals Massacre

    I guess San Diego gave us a dead arm for a dead arm. Solid offense.  Funny how lucky we are to get Preston even on a day where you would think.. "FINALLY NO PRESTON!!"
  4. Edmeister

    7/19 Post

    9 over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Edmeister

    Zach Hample Attended Fort Bragg SMH

    This guy just doesn't know how to not be a douchebag. It's unbelievable how selfish this guy is. 
  6. Edmeister

    7/4 Post Bullpen Woes

    What the fuck happened to the pen tonight? Whatever, come back tomorrow and take the next two. 
  7. Edmeister

    6/28 Post Game

    Not sure what happened to Conley... Tough loss but it's ok.. By the looks of it Nats and Mets aren't playing tonight.  Tie the series tomorrow. Go fish!
  8. Edmeister

    Under the Radar

    So I was watching the ESPN broadcast of the Cubs vs Pirates game..  I think they mentioned literally every team except for the Marlins. At one point they said, "and you know it's not like the Mets, St. Luis, and the Dodgers are running away with the wild card..."  they were completely oblivious...
  9. Edmeister

    6/14 Post Mathis Slam

    Mathis won the game for us... Just let that sink in.
  10. Edmeister

    Braxton Garret

    15 walks in 65 1/3 innings with a 0.53 ERA and 131 strikeouts as a senior Finally a decent first rounder... However he already verbally committed to Vanderbilt so lets see if he even signs.  (Source):
  11. Edmeister

    5/25 Post Game

    Very nice win.. Nicolino is not improving, possibly regressing? Nice to see Gillespie take advantage of a start, also makes me comfortable knowing that Stanton isn't necessary for a win. GO FISH!
  12. Edmeister

    5/18 post game

    Another series lost to the "luckiest" team in baseball right now.  Something needs to be done about Stanton. 
  13. Edmeister

    5/14 Post game 2

    Talk about coming back big.  Who would've guess Ureña and Flores would pitch this well?! Really hope Flores is ok. Would make a good guy to have in the pen.
  14. Edmeister

    Josh Naylor Stole Home

    Which we could get a video.. Sounds pretty awesome. 
  15. Edmeister

    The 2015 Almost an AllStar Game

    This absolutely nuts. Dee Gordon Giancarlo Stanton   Jose Bautista Alex Gordon  Miguel Cabrera  All out do to injuries WTF 
  16. Edmeister

    Jose Tabata is officially the scumbag of the year!

    Can't believe you would lean into a pitch just to break a perfect game.
  17. Edmeister

    Help me out here

    I really hope I describe the situation well..  I've always wondered the following... In a situation with 2 men on base (1st and second base) and it being under two outs. Would it be legal/beneficial for the man on second to get hit by a soft ground ball to the SS to avert the double play. Or...
  18. Edmeister


    Link the best ones you find here. I find this shit hilarious! 
  19. Edmeister

    Stanton Bobblehead

    I posted this about a year ago but I had no luck finding one..  I'm looking for a Giancarlo Stanton bobblehead from the giveaway a couple years back.  PM me or reply if you have one you're interested in selling!
  20. Edmeister

    The Flash

    Incredible job in ending the season. From the Jay Garrick Easter Egg with his helmet to the vision of Killer Frost. What an absolutely amazing show in my opinion.  I can't wait to see what next season has to offer!
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