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  1. Who should Marlins call up

    I think the Marlins should call up Juan Alvarez.... even tho i cant get his stats from the minors he doing pretty good they should call him up and test him. And if anything he goes back down where he came from.Marlins have nothing to lose by calling him up
  2. AJ gone

    Aj might be gone to 2005
  3. A trade the Marlins should do

    wow i was watching ESPN now and i saw that rookie the yankees brought up to play ss for Jeter his name is Almonte wow that kid is amazing. I think the marlins should ask the yankees for a trade. Maybe A-Gon for Almonte and cash or a propsect.He went 3-4 with 1 RBI and he was playing amazing defence.
  4. Playoff is possibility

    Torberg speaks about the Fish in 03 Link
  5. Marlins trading already?

    omg!! Marlins just traded Alex Gonzalez and Aj Burnett to Expos for Vasquez and Caberra!! :lol :lol :lol :lol :lol :w00t :w00t :w00t :w00t :w00t haha i wish!!! APRIL FOOLS!
  6. Should Marlins go after him?

  7. Livan no longer a Giant

    On Tuesday 03-24-03 the Giants and Expos made a trade that send Livan Hernadez to the Expos along with Edwards Guzman and cash and Expos got Jim Brower and a player to be name later. For more information check,Giants Website
  8. Marlins vs Orioles - 2/28

    Anyone listing to todays game? If u are what score and how marlins score?
  9. NBA MVP?

    Vote and Explain?
  10. Kobe streak is over.

    Kobe streak was over Tuesday night when he scored 32 pts.
  11. Need Picture of Yankee Stadium

    Anyone know were i can find Picutre of Yankee Stadium like everyything including the distance. Sry if i posted it here but in MLB noone will answer me.
  12. Are Heat trading anyone?

    There is a rumor that Eddie Jones might go to Blazers or the Bulls... I saw it on SunShine Network ( Channel 38 )
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