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  1. Marlins WAR Leaders (Before Tonight's Win)

    What are the chances Salty and Hech stay at the bottom all season long?
  2. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

    What an awkward interview.
  3. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

    woof, again.
  4. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

    That was a gross looking steal attempt.
  5. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

    "One run might just be enough." What a horrible truth.
  6. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

  7. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

    ​Nope, said it in the other thread. Although looking at the boxscore Haren did pretty good. So like Michael said, starting pitching.
  8. Golf

    ​Tiger is making a nice run today. Still looks like Spieth's tournament, though. Also went out and played my first 18 today. Only +20  ;)
  9. Rays @ Marlins 4/11/15

    I don't want to jinx anything but outside the bad start by Latos, the pitching has looked pretty good this year.
  10. Post Game 4/10

    ​That reality doesn't make me feel any better.
  11. Post Game 4/10

    Had a "work" function at the Pistons game tonight, so I missed the entire game. Maybe the key to the Marlins winning is me not watching. side note: how gross is Salty .100 and Hechavarria .067
  12. We... bad news bears?

    ​And 216 walks, what is that a .627 obp?
  13. RANT: Get off Red's back

    In defense of Red, could an argument for keeping TK in that Red already used 9 arms in the first two games? Granted some were used for only 1 or 2 outs, but still. If you can get a starter to go an extra inning to help give the bullpen some extra rest before the off day, it seems like a logical...
  14. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

    good night, fellas.
  15. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

    ​^^^ This should be season's slogan: R E L A X, only ### games left.
  16. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

    WHY IS THE QUOTE OPTION ALL MESSED UP!?!? In any event, I agree. Really can't blame Red for most of the problems in games 1 and 2, and game 3 isn't over yet.
  17. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

  18. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

    Gomes, another former Red Sox player who loves to strikeout.
  19. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

    ​I'm sure the professor knows it isn't because you love learning. On topic, great catch.
  20. 4/8/15 - Braves @ Marlins

    ​The worst part: a tool was used for the oval but not the slash. Single A work there.
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