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  1. Feedback on my team?

    My free Sporting News team: P: AJ Burnett, Josh Beckett, Octovio Dotel C: Michael Barrett 1B/3B: Derrek Lee 2B/SS: Mark DeRosa OF: Preston Wilson, Roger Cedeno Feedback?
  2. Triple Play 2003

    Does anyone know any info on the newest Triple Play 2003 (can't wait to buy it!)?
  3. "Joe Millionare"

    I say Nora. Do I even have to say the things that are wrong wit Sarah?
  4. Pro Bowl

    Pat Sutain (sur-TAN) this week said that he is not healthy, saying that he would not be in the pro bowl. Taking his place, now 4-time pro bowler Sam Madison. Do you think Madison should be a Pro Bowler this year, or is he making it under reputation?
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