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  1. Joe

    Before playoffs or FA's, predictions

    AL East New York Tampa Bay (WC) Boston Baltimore Toronto AL Central Detroit Chicago Minnesota Cleveland Kansas City AL West Texas Los Angelas Seattle Oakland (1) New York over (3) Texas in 4 (4) Tampa Bay over (2) Detroit in 5 (1) New York over (4) Tampa Bay in 7 MVP: Miguel Cabrera Cy...
  2. Joe

    Andruw Jones

    I am sure there is thread about this somewhere but that's why I'm lazy....... Dodgers are expected to release Jones tomorrow. He is already getting a decent amount of money for the next few years, I say he signs for the league minimum. Anyone care to predict where?
  3. Joe

    Rays sign Kapler

    4th OF 1 year/1 million Can't really lose here. Has good D, a pretty good bat but we do lose the great speed that Perez would of supplied.
  4. Joe

    Um so the Reds re-signed Jerry Hairston

    2 mil, may be the starting LF when Sea Bass returns, that is sad.
  5. Joe

    I'm bored

    Billy Beane - The guy who always finds studs and now used only a couple of them to get himself Matt Holliday. Just stole Giambi. Andrew Friedman - He was able to push so many right buttons that he got the freakin Rays to the World Series and now he has added a very nice lineup to his great...
  6. Joe

    Giambi to A's

    1 year/4 million 2010 4 million option with 1.5 million buy out Otherwise known as 20 million less than he made last season, I guess no one else wanted him.
  7. Joe

    JC Romero suspended

    Took steroids, he is suspended for 50 games.
  8. Joe

    Giambi to A's imminent

    Free agent constipation relief has finally happened. Next up: Dunn and Abreu!
  9. Joe

    Bradley, Cubs agree to terms

    3 years/30 million (joker voice) we go!
  10. Joe

    Rays, Burrell, very close to deal

    2 years/16 mil Andrew Friedman is a genius Lets review this off season which may not even be over. Price replaces Jackson in the rotation Nelson replaces Miller in the pen Niemann replaces Hammell in the pen Joyce replaces Hinske as the RF Burrell replaces Floyd as the DH wow
  11. Joe

    The boat load of OF/DH predictions

    Adam Dunn - Washington Nationals Jason Giambi - Oakland Athletics Correct Milton Bradley - Chicago Cubs Correct Pat Burrelll - Tampa Bay Rays Correct Bobby Abreu - Anaheim Angels Manny Ramirez - Los Angelas Dodgers Garret Anderson - Oakland Athletics Ken Griffey Jr - A Florida retirement home...
  12. Joe

    New Banner

    I LOVE THE BANNER I know, not a Marlins fan, but red, white and blue looks so much better than teal for now anyways.
  13. Joe

    Tampa Bay Rays

    Does anyone want to pray with me? Longo and CC have been gone for a while, BJ is hurt for AT LEAST the rest of this Boston series and as for Gomes, Guzman, Price, Niemann, etc, we care too much about the AAA playoffs. Every team slumps but the timing can not be worse. Ray fans are on a suicide...
  14. Joe

    Draft Deadline just passed

    And still no word 1 way or the other on Pedro Alvarez and Eric Hosmer. Buster Posey, Justin Smoak, Yonder Alonso and Allan Dykstra just signed. Cole and Crow have and will not sign. Which leaves Fields, who is a college senior and his deadline is not for another 10 months.
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    Hey Passion

    You should have like a all star game type thing When this babe bowl is over you should have like the top 24 approval ratings from all the babe bowls go against each other.. What ya think?
  18. Joe

    Day 1: Bathroom

    What a great view! It feels so great when you had to go all day and you finally release it! Sorry to share but i'm hoping you can share in my joy. I'm gonna have to clean up a bit. At least the walls aint stained in waste, the toilet seat aint that bad, some toilet paper still remains...
  19. Joe

    Delmon Young

    AVG .340 HR 19 RBI 69 SB 24 R 57 in 77 games Thats all I have to say
  20. Joe

    Pat Burell

    Owns all of you. Good night.
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