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  1. Mephisto


    can anyone get the fish on dish?
  2. Mephisto

    Espn Miami

    With three of our teams kicking ass, and the other being one of the NFL´s storied franchise is it a matter of time, or will espn never care for Miami?
  3. Mephisto

    Garza to the Cubs

    11:23am: Fernando Perez is going to the Cubs, according to Miles. The 27-year-old outfielder has a .234/.301/.351 line in 107 big league plate appearances. He hit .223/.280/.299 in 426 plate appearances at Triple-A last year. 10:45am: The Cubs and Rays have agreed to a trade that will send Matt...
  4. Mephisto

    How About Mike Cameron?

    It seems the Phils tried to get him for Blanton. Volstad put up similar numbers last year but is cheaper....Would the Red Sox eat up Cameron´s salary in a straight up deal?
  5. Mephisto

    Free Agent Bargain of 2011

    It might just be Jeff Francis. He had an era of 5.00 but his whip was comparable to De la Rosa´s, who´s probably going to fleece some team into paying him 36 million. Chris Young will go for an incentive laden contract, but all it might take to get Francis is a guaranteed contract b/w 1-3...
  6. Mephisto

    Kasey Olenberger

    This guy could be the guy we've being looking for to replace kiko in the pen. He dominated AA last year to the tune of 1.02 whip and a k/9 of 8.8, after years of being misused in the Angels org. as a starter, and he's off to a fast start in spring training with 4 k's in 1.2...
  7. Mephisto

    Lindstrom's entrance

    So what song would you like our new closer to come into the game with? Personally I'm hoping for either master of puppets(metallica), iron man(black sabbath), or tnt(ac/dc).
  8. Mephisto


    I know that for the most part their do well, and most would not with it, but why is Uggla hitting 5th? He's the best hitter in both slg and obp, and should be switched with Cantu imo.
  9. Mephisto


    How long does the team wait for him to get back the pintpoint control he needs to be effective when someone like Joe Nelson is waiting at AAA?
  10. Mephisto

    Tech Help

    I have a Dell PC with Windows XP and Internet Explorer ver7. The problem is internet explorer won't display background colors from site to site even with Mozilla Firefox -the same thing. Checked display properties adjust and readjust with no luck. Also adjusted screen resolution still...
  11. Mephisto


    does anyone here have it? I would love to get an invation.
  12. Mephisto


    When Tank comes back, who do you send down? I believe Gardner didnt allow a run in the spring and he's continued that so far this season. So who do you send down? Besides Julio the worse pitcher off the pen has being Pinto and he has not allowed a hit so far. So who do you send down?
  13. Mephisto

    New Way to cheat

    C?lulas madres, lo m?s avanzado en dopaje deportivoNoticia ingresada el 2009-08-20 por jrcespedes Para los deportistas, las c?lulas madres tienen muchas m?s posibilidades que las de curar enfermedades y salvar vidas: podr?an sanar lesiones, aumentar la fuerza y la resistencia y proporcionar una...
  14. Mephisto

    kinda cool that the site is in alexa Traffic Data
  15. Mephisto

    Matt Treanor

    Congrats on his first career homer. Its about time and he deserves it after being close a few times and for his hard work. I think he had a streak for most at bats without a career homer good thing thats over now.
  16. Mephisto

    Lastings Milledge Facts Here's a few: 1. Lastings Milledge isn't a 5 tool player. Lastings Milledge has more than 100 tools, many of which are unknown to most baseball scouts. 2. Lastings Milledge wasn?t slapping fives with fans after his first big league homerun. He was...
  17. Mephisto


    Soon he'll get 3000 k's and he already has 200 wins and probably wont make it to 300, because he's thinking about retirement. Is he a HOF with those numbers?
  18. Mephisto


    WOW!!!!! He keeps this up and we'll rip a team off at the deadline
  19. Mephisto


    Does anyone here know a way to have both your xbox and pc connected via the ethernet cable?
  20. Mephisto

    JJ's bat

    Doesn't it seem extremely small for a guy his size?
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