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  1. Hotcorner

    Can anyone explain this card?

    I have that old Jeter card somewhere...
  2. Hotcorner

    Clevelander removed from Marlins Park

    that was enough
  3. Hotcorner

    Austin Brice designated for assignment (Warning: Thread has nothing to do with Brice)

    The entire rebuild could have been done without the Yelich trade. It's massively foolish.
  4. Hotcorner

    9-24-2019 Marlins @ Mets 7:10 PM

    Urena is so bad
  5. Hotcorner

    Mattingly Extended

    Honestly I'm fine with it.  We go through managers so fast I don't mind having a little bit of stability. 
  6. Hotcorner

    Looking back at the 5 big trades

    i think the lesson here is that: a) Cabrera is one of the greatest players of his generation, b) Yelich is a superstar, c) the Marlins drafted both of them yet couldn't even hang onto them long enough to get their best seasons, d) still somehow got awful returns for these two superstars. e)...
  7. Hotcorner

    9/41 Marlins @ Gigantes

    4-2 winner
  8. Hotcorner

    9/41 Marlins @ Gigantes

    Urena is trash and this experiment is bad
  9. Hotcorner

    9/32 No More game Game Threads?

    Amazing.  Urena blows a 2 run lead in the 9th without recording a single out.  Marlins things.
  10. Hotcorner

    8/30 at Nationals

    nice blown game Stanek.   awful
  11. Hotcorner

    8/30 at Nationals

    what a tear Castro is on.  
  12. Hotcorner

    8/30 at Nationals

    sigh Brinson
  13. Hotcorner

    8/20 game thread baby!!

    Brinson is a goddamn mess.  He should be ordered to just stand at the plate and take pitches until he can stop swinging at garbage.  Like he has to sit there and take called strikes all season.  Never swing at all.  I feel like he'd still get on base at a better rate.
  14. Hotcorner

    8/20 game thread baby!!

    what in the sweet fuck is the Braves problem.  Acuna is such a little diva.   GTFO
  15. Hotcorner

    Maybe we need the minor league game thread

    August over 4 starts:  25 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, 27 K, 11 BB walks still an issue but yeah good stuff.
  16. Hotcorner

    8/18 Marlins @ Rockies 3:10 PM

    aaaaand Isan blows the easy double play ball.  ugh
  17. Hotcorner

    8/15 Marlins vs Dodgers at 3:05

    this is ridiculous.   7 runs on 5 hits.
  18. Hotcorner

    8/15 Marlins vs Dodgers at 3:05

    my god every Dodgers hit is a homer.  
  19. Hotcorner

    8/15 Marlins vs Dodgers at 3:05

    damn Negron just ate it.
  20. Hotcorner

    8/15 Marlins vs Dodgers at 3:05

    even Lewis hittin
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