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  1. Online Status Added

    Admin added a nice new online status under our posts. :) Thanks Admin, it will come in handy. Of course he = teh suq so he wont announce it here :P .
  2. Bush Administration Wants Changes In Overtime Pay

    Ever more proof bush is a moron. First invading Iraq and now this :( . I hope he looses in 2004
  3. War in Iraq

    They say that the main focus of this campaighn is to get rid of sadam. Some say its for the oil and then there is the point of view of the war is just becuase daddy started it. Personally I am split as on the cause of the war but all these mistakes of killing civilans have to stop. Unacceptable...
  4. Numb

    Why are you posting linkin park lyrics joe?
  5. Time Traveler busted for Insider Trading

    :rolleyes: so fake... I mean come on the fact that he made that much shows that he had some inside info
  6. Feature Requests

    I know you work hard on the logo's but maybe a nicer top logo. The text works but a larger or a different backround picture that stands out more would be nice. and I know this isnt really a feature but its an improvement.
  7. Googlism

    sparky is 4 sparky is an autonomous sparky is back sparky is now sitting in the state police museum in west sparky is brilliant sparky is in the house sparky is a graphical nmr assignment and integration program for proteins sparky is more than a "who" sparky is the only machine on the...
  8. Hi everyone :)

    *trys to ban Admin* *cant* *smacks him back instead*
  9. Hi everyone :)

    I am back as well :) I took a bit of a break after being modded @ IGN
  10. Hooters takes to the sky

    LOL I wouldnt mind taking this airline :w00t
  11. 20,000th post!

    We hit 10k on Dec 30 2002, 9:18 PM This is the 20,000th post on the forums. Thanks everyone, and here's to 20,000 more!!! :cheers :mischief2 :mischief :w00t Wow congrats :)
  12. Space Shuttle Columbia Lost

    A truly sad day :( *a moment of silence*
  13. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

    Still dont have it :(
  14. Drunke birds fly into windows

    LOL :lol Click here
  15. Simpsons Quote Thread

    Seperate Qoutes Homer: "They have the internet on computers now?" Ralph: "Me Fail English Thats Umpossible". When I get some time ill add some more here... :P -Sparky
  16. What Operating System does your computer use?

    :( Windows Me I tried updating to XP but this P.O.S computer wont upgrade :angry
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