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  1. 2009-2010 Club Soccer Thread

    It has been such a long time since the last time I visited this site. Saturday Sept.5 Argentina vS Brazil - Hoping for Brazilian win... Colombia vS Ecuador - Colombia must win the remaining 3 out 4 and tied one of them. This one is a must win @ home...
  2. 2009 Pro Bowl rosters released

    I'm a die hard Fins fan but Roonie a probowler? I don't think he deserves it. In my opinion Chad and Bell would have been better choices.
  3. 2008-09 Club Soccer Thread

    Depressing watching Real Madrid play this year!
  4. Fantasy help!

    I would use Maroney hmm... I have Maroney on my starting line up but I'm beginning to think Fargas might be the better option this week.
  5. Venezuela to Expel US Ambassador

    Chavez is a bigger clown than Bush! !
  6. Fantasy help!

    I'm having a hard time deciding who should be my #2 back this week. Is between: L.Maroney vs Jets Defense J.Fargas vs Chiefs Defense Maroney might be a bigger centerpiece with the injury to Brady but you never know what the tricky Patriots are going to do. They might just give more...
  7. Addai for Gore and Chad Johnson?

    Dude... What you waiting for? I'll make the deal in heartbeat...
  8. List Your Fantasy Football Team

    12 team Keeper Fantasy Football league QB P.Manning J.Campbell RB M.Lynch L.Maroney
  9. Is it ok to date a third cousin?

    How about a half sisters daughter? :mis2 Now that sound sick! :blink:
  10. Is it ok to date a third cousin?

    Third cousin? Don't think about it. Just do it !! :shifty
  11. Potential Running Mates for Obama

    Hillary is an excellent running mate if Obama plans on losing the general election. Yeah, that's how I feel about that. I disagree.
  12. Iron Man

    I thought it was great..
  13. Harold & Kunmar escape Guantanamo Bay

    :thumbup :thumbup
  14. Dreams coming true...

    I once dreamed that I was peeing and when I woke up I was covered in piss. :lol
  15. Heat get the #2 overall pick

    Beasley is the pick.... I couldn't be more happier... Sorry not a big fan of Rose.... Wade-Wright-Beasley-Marion :cheers
  16. Willingham Out At Least Another Month

    I don't blame him for not having back surgery. It's not worth it. Willy is doing was best for him outside of baseball.
  17. Dolphins agree to terms with Jake Long; will take him No. 1 overall

    Vernom needs to stay at LT and Long @ RT .....
  18. Some News From Loria

    For once I agree to something Loria has said. Good to hear Loria is moving away fom retro looking ball parks. :thumbup retro is good.... if you have history Doesn't really go with the city of Miami like Loria said IMO. Only good thing about having a artsy guy as owner will be reflected...
  19. Scott Olsen's girlfriend is HOT!!!!!!!

    The funny part about all of this is that all these haters will be drooling al over her if she was their GF.... This thread is definitely HF material.
  20. Some News From Loria

    For once I agree to something Loria has said. Good to hear Loria is moving away fom retro looking ball parks. :thumbup
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