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  1. Best of Rawkus: '95 - '05 vol. 1

    Has anyone else got this album? Has a lot of songs I've heard already from Common, Black star, Mos, Big L, etc. but it's a must have for any hip hop head out there. It brings back a lot of memories listening to 1999 and definition (eventhough Re-Defintion is better, imo.) I hope vol. 2...
  2. Just watched Pirates/Braves Game 7 '92 NLCS

    :plain :plain :confused :confused :( :( :boo-woo Bonds can't throw out Bream?! A gem by Drabek gone to waist! Kill me please Anyways, just got and Baseball's best for a day. How do you guys like Any old games I should watch?
  3. Grapefruit league standings

    GRAPEFRUIT W L PCT GB Pittsburgh 6 1 .857 - Philadelphia 5 1 .833 1 Florida 4 1 .750 1 Detroit 5 2 .714 1 NY Mets 4 2 .667 2 LA Dodgers 3 2 .571 2 Cleveland 4 3 .571 2 Minnesota 4 3 .571 2 Boston 4 3 .571 2 NY Yankees 3 3 .500 3 Tampa Bay 3 3 .500 3 Atlanta 3 4 .429 3 St. Louis 3 4...
  4. I bought the Xbox 360 finally

    :o :o :o :notworthy :notworthy I play it on a 65" Hi Def TV.... it is simply amazing. Whoever doesn't have it and is on the fence about buying it, DO IT. It's easily worth the money I put down for it. I have NBA2K6 (pictured), Need for Speed (which im going to trade in for...
  5. Big Papi welcoming Coco Crisp to the Sox

  6. Is the XBOX360 still hard to come by?

    I was thinking about selling my Xbox and my games and going for the 360. Have they shipped enough units or is it still sold out everywhere?
  7. Chewbacca's blog

    rrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhh :lol :lol
  8. Albert Belle charged with stalking ex-girlfriend

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- Former baseball star Albert Belle was arrested Thursday and charged with stalking his ex-girlfriend, police said. Scottsdale police said the 39-year-old Belle was taken into custody after a former girlfriend told officers that he had stalked her. Belle was being held...
  9. I just started a new site with a message board The main site is still under construction but the message boards are up and running. So come over and don't hesitate to spam it up!! (the spam section anyways :-/). Many thanks to Admin for all the help. Any questions or comments, don't...
  10. Got Another Jersey! I love it!

    Was a present but she got it only for 65 bucks to my amazement. I'm gonna go around telling people Bonds is the best baseball player in Pittsburgh history to piss them off.
  11. Admin's Morning

    + + A pic of = :plain :plain
  12. I bet no one has a more random player's jersey

    Pete Schourek 1999 Pirates away jersey. Oh no no, it's not mearly Authentic, it is GAME WORN PEOPLE. Now let's see Admin break out the game worn, auto'd Bruce Aven :shifty Does anyone have a jersey that has some no name player?
  13. Mario Lemieux retires for the 12th time

    PITTSBURGH -- Penguins star and owner Mario Lemieux, one of hockey's greatest players, announced his retirement for the second time at a news conference held Tuesday afternoon. Lemieux "This is always a difficult decision for any athlete to make," he said. He said that his...
  14. Happy Birthday, TariAJ!

    Have a great day (you will since you'll be seeing me later), ya old fart! :banana
  15. Joe Randa close to signing with the Pirates

    PITTSBURGH -- Joe Randa, the third baseman on the only Pirates team in 13 years to contend for a division title, is returning to Pittsburgh. Randa The Pirates, who lost out on signing free agent Bill Mueller, were close to agreement Thursday on a $4 million, one-year contract with Randa. The...
  16. Smarterchild is just too much

    Mc 619 98 (7:20:21 PM): can i carress your colin purse? SmarterChild (7:20:22 PM): Can you Carress I'm Colin purse? What do you mean? Mc 619 98 (7:20:29 PM): i want to massage your nutsac SmarterChild (7:20:30 PM): What do you mean by that? Mc 619 98 (7:20:42 PM): I WANT TO LICK YOUR...
  17. Pirates trade Rob Mackowiak for Damaso Marte

    The Pirates wrapped up a busy day by sending infielder/outfielder Rob Mackowiak to the Chicago White Sox for former Pirates left-handed reliever Damaso Marte. I'm sad to see Mackowiak go because I love his play and effort but I think it's a great pick up for the bullpen. .500 for...
  18. T.O. gets into fight with Hugh Douglas

    It might not have been just Terrell Owens' fighting words that led to his suspension from the Eagles. It seems a fistfight also contributed to his being banished indefinitely. TO SPEAKS OUT Excerpts from Graham Bensinger's exclusive interview with Terrell Owens for Owens...
  19. Titanic Trailer

    Titanic: The Horror Movie :o
  20. Happy Birthday, Joe!!!

    End yourself at once! :mischief
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