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  1. MarlinsFan253

    Long Time, No See

    I think the last season I regularly visited these forums was 2005 or 2006? Is there anyone from those days still around? Tough season so far this year.
  2. MarlinsFan253

    Move the Marlins out of Florida

    I found an article that does an accurate comparison between the Marlins organization and the American automobile industry. It sounds odd, but it kind of makes sense. See the link below. Hot Stove Daily: Florida Marlins The Marlins really should move to a location where the general...
  3. MarlinsFan253

    May 13th Game vs Pirates

    I was at the game on Saturday and I throughly enjoyed it. Pittsburgh is a beautiful city (in some parts). I will go ahead and attach a few of the pictures I took.
  4. MarlinsFan253

    Andy Van Hekken

    My ex-girlfriend just e-mailed me randomly and told me that Andy Van Hekken just signed with the Isotopes. I guess he has been working at her insurance company since his short time with the West Michigan Whitecaps. I asked her to get me an autograph. :)
  5. MarlinsFan253

    Runs score and Allowed

    In the last three games, we have allowed only 5 runs. We should have won all three of those games but, we have only scored 3 runs in those three days. I know I am speaking the obvious when I say that our starting pitchers have been spectacular, we just need our offense back. Hopefully things...
  6. MarlinsFan253

    A Rough Estimate of What It Might Take...

    I'd probably guess that we have enough freedom to lose maybe 17 or 18 games the rest of this season and still be able to make the playoffs. With the way some of the other Wild Card chasers have been playing, I can't imagine it will be any easier than this. I could be wrong, but I...
  7. MarlinsFan253

    Washington vs Houston

    It is now the top of the 7th and Houston just scored a couple of runs on a throwing error with two outs. Washington is really trying to throw this game way. Washington: 6 Houston: 5
  8. MarlinsFan253

    Cleveland Indians Homerun Music

    They play some kind of techno song. My roommate likes it a lot. He was just wondering if anyone knows what it is called or who composed it.
  9. MarlinsFan253

    Two Shirts I Made Today

    I bought some plain white t-shirts and some t-shirt transfer printer paper today and made a couple of shirts. I figured since I love this site so much, I would advertise in Michigan. The shirts turned out alright. They don't look professional or anything, but they will still be fun to...
  10. MarlinsFan253

    What College Do You Attend?

    For those of you that are in college and for those considering schools, which school do you call home? This thread is open to college grads too. For me, it is... WESTERN MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY I've been here since 2001. The Army is slowing me down a bit. It's all good though.
  11. MarlinsFan253

    I Dreamt About The Marlins

    Last night, I had a dream that I was watching a Marlins game on ESPN and then during the game it just switched into Sports Center. I got really mad and started yelling about how ESPN stopped covering the game to show SC. Then when the game came back, my family started changing the channels a...
  12. MarlinsFan253

    New Mouse for Macs Has Multiple Buttons

    It is about damn time they figured SOMETHING out! I hate MACs. Here Is The Link
  13. MarlinsFan253

    The Smashing Pumpkins

    "For a year now I have walked around with a secret, a secret I chose to keep. But now I want you to be among the first to know that I have made plans to renew and revive The Smashing Pumpkins. I want my band back, and my songs, and my dreams. In this desire I feel I have come home...
  14. MarlinsFan253

    Half-Life 2 Ending

    I beat Half-Life 2 today and the ending confused the heck out of me. Can anyone shed some light on me as to what the closing video was all about? I know there must be some HL2 fans on this site somewhere.
  15. MarlinsFan253


    Well I noticed that my PETA post has turned into a recycling debate. So I figured I would try to start a new post to get others involved in the conversation. My family is very good about sorting our cans and other items for recycling. Go ahead and take it from here.
  16. MarlinsFan253

    Steroid Abuse

    Here is something that I have noticed from a few players including Palmeiro today... Some players that test positive for steroids claim they did not know they put any in their bodies. I think Bonds and Sheffield both claimed they just took what their trainers gave them without asking about the...
  17. MarlinsFan253

    Classic Jack

    "We got the A-Train on track now," said manager Jack McKeon, who has converted calling Willis from the D-Train to A-Train. "The D-Train, that's history. He's the A-Train." Known for twisting around names and nicknames, Willis brushed off the A-Train reference...
  18. MarlinsFan253


    I thought this video was funny because of all the silly outfits the PETA people where. There is a guy dressed as a chicken with crutches to protest KFC. :lol
  19. MarlinsFan253

    Why would any post their phone number?

    I'm really starting to wonder what you search for on the internet in your spare time. :plain
  20. MarlinsFan253


    If you say yes, please cite an example of a time I jinxed the Fish. I am aware of a few but I may have forgotten some. :P
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